One Noodle La Mein @ Kepong Baru


A stone throw away from KTZ at Kepong Baru is One Noodle, a Hong Kong char chan teng type of restaurant that serve mainly noodles and dim sum.
If you didn’t know, One Noodle is also a subsidiary of The Fruitti Stall just like KTZ. And because of this, the noodles you ordered at KTZ Kepong Baru are actually prepared at One Noodle then delivered to you by the waiters across the road on foot. Because only certain noodles are available at KTZ, you gotta head to the One Noodle’s outlet if you want to see and try the actual full menu.


I was particularly interested in the Superior Seafood La Mein @ RM13.80. When the noodles arrived I knew I made the correct choice lol. Just look at the the generous portion of seafood given.. there were prawns, mussels, scallops and clams!


It tasted pretty good too, soup was light and sweet of seafood flavor. Value for money indeed for the big portion.


SL had Wanton Soup La Mein @ RM8. Although the noodles was OK only, the wantons were awesome with delicious filling made of minced prawn and pork. Each bite released a satisfying burst of flavor.


A char chan teng meal would not be complete without having a cup of milk tea and Yin Yong, don’t you think so?


My only complaint towards Kepong Baru’s One Noodle would be the tiny place and tight seating, which made the dining experience a little uncomfortable. Other than that, it was a pleasant meal and I will surely return again but maybe to the other bigger and later branches at SS2 or The Waterfront in Desa Park City.

One Noodle
No.66, Jalan 7, Kepong Baru,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6262 9451, 6252 9452

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  1. Superior Seafood La Mein @ RM13.80 really worth the $$$$…. cannt liao… need to mark this down to have a try…

    heading to KL in coming weeks….. great food .. here i come

  2. One Noodle use to be nicer last time. This shop has been there for quite some time. Its standards have dropped, compared to last time..

    vk: That’s the sad thing about the restaurants nowadays.. quality control has been an issue but mainly due to change of chef

  3. i still like this outlet, quality and price still all right but the desa park city one is lousy in terms of food and service. like mimi said the price is pretty high. won’t go there but will stick to kepong baru.

    vk: hmm didn’t expect a newer outlet to have higher price.. thanks for the tip

  4. Nice.Well done. There is a nice noodle restaurant at Tengkat Tong Shin.Famaous for it’s Ipoh noodles since 1975.That is the famous Pau Kee Ipoh noodles.

    vk: Is the noodle restaurant selling fish ball noodle? I walked by the restaurant once.. didn’t really remember the name though. Thanks for the tip will keep an eye on this the next time I go to Tengkat Tong Shin


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