Paddington House of Pancakes


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Paddington House of Pancakes is the first of its kind in Penang (Queensbay Mall) I suppose not much introduction is needed especially to those residing in KL as this restaurant has been blogged by quite a number of people. By Suanie, Fooxion, little miss may, makansakan and malaysiabest. But I bet most of you didn’t know Paddington House of Pancakes is actually a local franchise!

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There are as many as 100 types of pancakes to order from and the menu itself is thicker than some books lol. We couldn’t make up our minds so we consulted the waiter for recommendations. One of his recommendation was this.. as seen above. A boneless chicken thigh topped with turkey ham, mushroom, cheese and Italian red sauce. I forgot what this dish is called but it had something to do with Tokyo :P Served along with 2 rolled pancakes stuffed with vegetables.

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The hot chocolate with marshmallow is good stuff. I have always seen the Americans drink hot cocoa with marshmallow and wondered how it tastes like. Now I know~

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Cappuccino is just normal stuff. I think I won’t return anytime soon, as it costed us more than RM30 for a meal like this which is very expensive IMO. The drinks cost a bomb and one thing I couldn’t understand is why they do not serve plain water.. Anyway if you have a Jusco card, good news for you because they will give 10% discount, so the service tax will be waived.

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  1. Of all pancakes, they actually recommended the watever tokyo thing? *geleng kepala*

    Hm, whenever i go there, I have burgers. The portion was huge enough for me and my friend. And we were blotated after finishing it. Aussie Chicken burger was good. Mexican double burger (kenot remember the name) was good too. The guacamole that came with the double burger was tasty. Yupz, burger….I like the combo of pancakes with the burger…Pancakes have reach the revolutionary stage. They are not just meant for desserts anymore…lolz….

  2. Jian – Pancake burgers are good huh? I was tempted at first too.. but the seems like the waiter’s suggestion spoiled it all lolz. Will return for another try if possible, since your heavy recommendation.

    ipohwav3 – It IS very interesting haha. I am a chocolate addict so I tend to order chocolate related drinks/desserts whenever possible.

  3. just visited TGIF….lolz…u can save up ur trips (to paddington) and go dine at TGIF…lolz. Expensive but it really taste good. Had JD lamb chop. Alcoholic ultimates not enough omph tho….

  4. Hi! I’ve been to the outlet at The Curve. Good food, but as you said, somewhat expensive. Glad I browsed in your least I have picked up on some of the recommendations for my next trip there. Happy CNY!

  5. I heard about this restaurant from my friend. He said that pancakes are no longer ordinary pancakes nowadays when he introduced us the restaurant. However, I still haven’t manage to visit it yet.

  6. i guess the price was not that high la…almost the same with TGI Fridays or Marche’
    i think paddington is much more cheaper that both of the place…

    some more…actually u need to really ask regarding the menu…since if u just ordered..u maybe would not get the pancakes as u wish..=) coz their is huge amount of pancakes in their pancakes BIBLE i call…haha

    chipolatas’s last blog post..Miss My Old Pancakes…Lama gila tak makan..=(

  7. Like most customers said, the price of its food seems costly. I don’t really find going to Paddington is worth it because I was not satisfied with their portion. Often felt “hanging” with just 1 main dish. If I want burger, I rather go to some Gourmet burger outlets like Burgerlab or Burgertory. Nevertheless, people can go to Paddington to just satisfy their curiosity.


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