Penang Famous Edgecumbe Mee Goreng @ Gurney Drive


This mee goreng stall along Gurney Drive is a recommendation based on’s Penang Food guide book. I don’t have a copy of the book though, it was borrowed from a friend. Referred as “Penang Famous Edgecumbe Road Mee Rebus/Mee Goreng“, I just had to seek out this stall and see how much truth the claim holds.

mee goreng edgecumb road

Well, to be honest this mee goreng sucks, not nice at all! Since it was recommended by a popular food guide, I had quite high expectations. But the noodles turned out bland tasting.. so bland it’s almost tasteless! Simply find a mamak stall also can fry a nicer tasting mee goreng than this. It’s such a shame because it looks great on photo!

mee goreng

I can only think of three possibilities why the mee goreng is so bad. Number one: it is that bad all this while. Number two: A change of chef. Thirdly, a huge drop in quality or the lack of control of it. First one isn’t really possible, else it won’t be recommended in the book. Right?

edgecumb road mee goreng

A change of chef doesn’t seem being the reason too. After that I went back and double checked the book for the chef. And I confirmed it was the same uncle who fried our noodles. So, it must be quality control issue.

gurney drive food court

This is the food court that houses the “Penang Famous Edgecumbe Mee Goreng” in Gurney Drive. If you want to know more about the stall’s history and how his business boomed, RasaRasa has an article about it. By the way, this has been the second mee goreng stall which is so called famous in Penang that I’ve tried. And both times I also ended up being disappointed. It seriously needs to be reviewed again by the author in the his next edition of RasaRasa Penang.

**I just realized this mee goreng is also being picked as favorites in New Straits Times online. What a joke!

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  1. tried that, u’re right about the tasteless part….. not good at all… the mee goreng sotong at padang kota is still fav place to eat mee goreng..

    However.. this foodcourt… i always go for the malay rice that sells in the afternoon… NOT BAD ! the mee goreng’s on the far right, right?well, the malay stall is on the far left..

    vk: Yeah.. I tried the one at padang kota before.. spicy and tasty! Glad someone shared the same thought with me on this mee goreng stall..

  2. haha… ling and vkeong…. u have additional 3 votes from us on the Padang Kota mee goreng……………… slightly spicy for Fei Fei…. hahaha….

    will post about that soon…… too much to blog about.. and we have no time to blog…

    as most of the time spend to MAKAN…….

    BTW.. I am looking for more comment and photos to consolidate to publish as a book soon. Let me know if you all wanted to join as part of the authors… Let me know…

    vk: A book sounds great.. you have such good ambitions.. very good :) I am more than happy to contribute my photos and comments.. just let me know what’s your plan.. Sorry I can’t comment at your site.. blogspot blogs’ comments are being blocked by my company :(

  3. It sounds good! I think the good pic would attract many people!

    vk: no offense but you sound like a spammer, if you read through my post, it’s not good at all. yet, you say it sounds good.

  4. hello vkeong! thank you for dropping by my blog to see what the joker had to say LOL!

    btw, i am partially Penangite, born there but live in KL since young. according to my parents, the best Penang fried mee is near Penang Hill, sorry can’t pinpoint where, not familiar. >.<

    anyway the BEST food places are always dirty and dank LOL, the above looks too commercialized for true good food to exist. XD

  5. Hooray… someone finally said that the Mee Goreng there sucks!! Haha.. it’s true as I used to buy that for my parents for tea until they complained that it is tasteless. It happened so many times until I gave up on them.

    I really regretted bringing SBC to video them for Singapore Food Channel few years back. They even have the cheek to charge us for the food “spoilt” although we gave them free publicity to be shown throughout Singapore.

    P/s: I still think you should rate the food you have taken as well as to provide a good location map. Penang Tua Pui will be able to help you with his great Google Search map :) Anyway, great blog here except for the missing two items :P

    Criz Lai’s last blog post..REVIEW – HONG KONG FOOD CULTURE

  6. I’ve read through indeed I do agree that it doesn’t taste as good as years before. I remembered when I was younger, when they did not move to this location, we had to wait for a vacant place just to have that plate of mee goreng.

    We went to this new location and told them that they didn’t taste the same and they said the curry powder they used we no longer in production. Therefore with this new one, it taste like that. Maybe I could take that as a reason to how it taste but not how the squid turned out to be like. They taste totally different and instead of using squid, they use cuttlefish now. Such a dissapointment.

    vk: I see, but I don’t think the curry powder alone can make such a HUGE difference in the quality and taste. Thanks for your information.. at least now I know it was really good last time :)

  7. Few years back, the mee goreng tasted wonderful, sadly I was embarassed this year when I brought friends there to try it out. Mee gorengs in Penang used to taste really unique and delicious but these days, many of the stalls do not fry good mee goreng anymore. It is challenging to eat mee gorengs that are not nice.

  8. This is not my fave stall but a lot of ppl seem to like it because it’s really spicy. My favorite is still the one at Bangkok Lane, which you said was bland. Maybe it’s true cos I haven’t been to that stall in 2 years (studying overseas).

    vk: LOL I didn’t find it spicy at all.. in fact it was totally tasteless.. sigh. For Bangkok Lane I dunno loh, got ppl tell me it’s because the helpers cook it, so the noodles taste bad.. I plan to give it another try though, if I go back to Penang


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