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Penang Famous Edgecumbe Mee Goreng @ Gurney Drive


This mee goreng stall along Gurney Drive is a recommendation based on RasaRasa.net’s Penang Food guide book. I don’t have a copy of the book though, it was borrowed from a friend. Referred as “Penang Famous Edgecumbe Road Mee Rebus/Mee Goreng“, I just had to seek out this stall and see how much truth the claim holds.

mee goreng edgecumb road

Well, to be honest this mee goreng sucks, not nice at all! Since it was recommended by a popular food guide, I had quite high expectations. But the noodles turned out bland tasting.. so bland it’s almost tasteless! Simply find a mamak stall also can fry a nicer tasting mee goreng than this. It’s such a shame because it looks great on photo!

mee goreng

I can only think of three possibilities why the mee goreng is so bad. Number one: it is that bad all this while. Number two: A change of chef. Thirdly, a huge drop in quality or the lack of control of it. First one isn’t really possible, else it won’t be recommended in the book. Right?

edgecumb road mee goreng

A change of chef doesn’t seem being the reason too. After that I went back and double checked the book for the chef. And I confirmed it was the same uncle who fried our noodles. So, it must be quality control issue.

gurney drive food court

This is the food court that houses the “Penang Famous Edgecumbe Mee Goreng” in Gurney Drive. If you want to know more about the stall’s history and how his business boomed, RasaRasa has an article about it. By the way, this has been the second mee goreng stall which is so called famous in Penang that I’ve tried. And both times I also ended up being disappointed. It seriously needs to be reviewed again by the author in the his next edition of RasaRasa Penang.

**I just realized this mee goreng is also being picked as favorites in New Straits Times online. What a joke!

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