Penang Road TeoChew Chendul @ Publika – It Sucks


Just to be clear, this statement applies only to the branch at Publika‘s Eat Food Village.


Don’t you think it’s ironic that the Penang government is going to ban foreigners from cooking their world-famous street food, yet they are heavily employed here? I know it’s convenient to blame the foreign workers if the quality of the food is not up to par, but the management is the one who should be responsible.

Just because the cendol looks like the real thing, it doesn’t mean it’s authentic. Once you taste it, you know something is amiss, as though the dessert has no soul. The kidney beans tasted sour too, what a joke for RM5.90.


The Penang Curry Mee @ RM8.90 is a shame as well. I don’t know how they’d expect customers to find this bowl of awfully put together noodles to be appetizing at all.
Look at the miserable cockles and prawns, I am disgusted at having to pay for this. This restaurant did nothing for and only saddened me that good Penang food with excellent reputation is being bastardized for money. What’s next? Chain restaurant for Siam Road Char Koay Teow?


Drastic improvement is required to improve the quality of food and ingredients used here. After this bad experience I’m staying away indefinitely. I’d rather travel all the way back to Penang for the real thing.


Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul
FC1 Level UG1, Publika

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