Penang White Curry Mee @ Restoran Mayiang Jaya, PJ

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It’s not hard to spot a Penang Curry Mee seller nowadays. Knowing the popularity and demand of this noodle, stall owners would proudly advertise it on large signboards to entice Penangites like me into patronizing them. The good thing is that I have not been really disappointed in any of them so far.

penang white curry mee

One of the Penang White Curry Mee stall in PJ could be found at Restoran Mayiang Jaya. This coffee shop is rather and you probably wouldn’t know it even exists unless you venture deep into the housing area of Taman Mayang Jaya. I think I should give you a heads up – parking could be a problem if you come during lunch hours.

penang white curry mee PJ

Stall owner from Penang? Check. Pork blood cubes, cockles, cuttefish? All check. The noodles was even garnished with mint leaves, something which I thought was a nice touch to add to the authenticity. The only real thing missing is prawns but I have long accepted the fact that it’d be too costly for hawkers in KL to include it into their noodles. A sip of the soup revealed that it was prepared with a moderate amount of santan just enough for an aromatic flavour.
The chilli paste was loaded with fried shallots, which fondly reminded me of those curry mee stalls back in my hometown where it is also prepared in a similar fashion. Overall I’d say this Penang Curry Mee was pretty good (6.5/10) but it might not appeal to those who are looking for the ‘pure white curry mee’ in the sense that the soup has a richer santan taste.


Penang White Curry Mee @ Restoran Mayiang Jaya
28, Jalan SS26/6,
Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ
Business hours: 6.30am until sold out (around 2pm)

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