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Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Terapung @ Umbai, Melaka


The furthest I have been to in Melaka is Umbai – a town famous for seafood, notably ikan bakar. As far as I know there are two places you could go to satisfy your seafood craving here. It could be either at the older Medan Ikan Bakar (in which the Parameswara stall is most popular) or at the spanking new floating complex blessed with a nice view of the sea known as “Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Terapung“, or PIBT in short.

Perkampungan-Ikan-Bakar-Terapung Umbai

We decided to check out the latter for no particular reason. And no, that’s not my Kancil.

Perkampungan-Ikan-Bakar-Terapung Umbai Entrance

It was only 5.30pm so there weren’t many people there yet. Only a handful of stalls were operating while the rest was just starting to open up for the night. Of course, as expected there will be a few stray cats lingering around, but generally the place seemed clean and well maintained.


Perkampungan-Ikan-Bakar-Terapung Umbai Fresh Seafood

After surveying the options available, we chose to order from stall no.5 Enak Rasa Ikan Bakar. Like any normal ikan bakar stall, you get to choose the type of seafood you want and the cooking style you fancy. If you are undecided, the cooks are friendly and happy to recommend according to your preferences.

Perkampungan-Ikan-Bakar-Terapung Umbai Bridge

Perkampungan-Ikan-Bakar-Terapung Umbai Blue-Sky-Sea-View

Perkampungan-Ikan-Bakar-Terapung Umbai Sea View

We explored the floating complex while waiting for our food to arrive. The evening view is really quite lovely especially when seen from the small observation tower. And since the area is pretty much open air without any walls, you could really enjoy the cooling sea breeze (no weird smell here) while strolling around.



Sotong Goreng Tepung


Some of the dishes we had: Lala Goreng Kari @ RM15, Sotong Goreng Tepung @ RM5.30 and a large portion of Ikan Pari Bakar weighing at 600g for RM13.20. I don’t know about you but I find the prices to be very reasonable. Anyway, the fish was fresh and despite having a few burnt spots, it was still quite tasty. There are also packets of spicy nasi lemak placed on each table, we sampled one of them and liked it.


In a nutshell, the food’s not bad here and you also get to enjoy a nice view over your meal. So if you are done with exploring the usual stuff in Melaka town center, the many medan ikan bakar at Umbai could be worth visiting for a different experience.

Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Terapung

Umbai, Melaka
GPS Coordinates: N2 09.306 E102 20.291

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