Poor Man’s Sushi


Although I love sushi, I cannot afford to eat in Sakae Sushi every time. So when I’m feeling poor but still want to enjoy sushi I would purchase some off the hypermarket’s shelves. It’s also a very convenient meal when I am going for a movie because they are easy and fast to finish up. And not to mention they are also very easy to smuggle into the cinemas lol.


Gurney Plaza’s Cold Storage has some ready packed sushi that are not only tasty but also very cheap. Besides sushi there are also many imported food products that are rare in other hypermarkets. I also bought a bottle of fresh lime juice from UK just to try.


For only RM1.49 each I think they are one of the better and cheapest sushi you can get.


Actually the sushi don’t taste any much different from the ones you could get in the big sushi chains. Just that you don’t get to see how they are prepared and they don’t come in colored plates on a moving belt, right?


All of these costs less than RM10, pretty good for a snack and to fulfill my sushi cravings lol. So what’s your favorite poor man’s sushi? I usually patronize Queensbay Jusco’s which is also cheeChingy‘s poor girl’s sushi lol, theirs are not bad either. I always avoided Tesco/Giant because they don’t look really fresh to me.. scared later stomach ache lol.

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  1. Yeah, I do this sometimes too, when I craved for Sushis. What’s more? Jusco sometimes has 50% slash for the Sushis to clear all the food. Thus, it’s sometimes less than RM 5 for 4 or 5 pieces of Sushis. Though not very delicious, but they are just enough to fulfill my Japanese appetite. :P


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