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Prawn Crackers & Fish Ball Noodle @ Jalan Tengkera, Melaka


Jalan Tengkera is a good place to hunt for cheap, nostalgic comfort Malaccan food. Besides mee bodoh and putu piring, one of the many popular food stalls here sells Prawn Crackers & Fish Ball noodles. This noodle stall operates in a house where they have converted the spacious front porch into a dining area.


Here’s how the noodle looks like – very simple and plain. It reminds me of the prawn noodle my primary school used to serve because they also had prawn crackers in it.
Anyway, as you can see the soup is really clear and has fried onion oil added for an extra fragrance and flavor. It tastes really sweet but in an unnatural way, which I think is attributed to the liberal use of MSG. I think that’s why this noodle is also known as ‘Ajinomoto mee’.
The prawn crackers on the other hand is really crunchy but to be honest you can’t really taste any real prawn flavor. For me, it felt more like biting into pieces of deep fried flour. As for the fish balls, there’s nothing really special about them too.


Despite all the things I said, I actually didn’t mind trying this noodle because of its uniqueness. And also, it seems to be popular with the locals. For RM3.50 a bowl I don’t think I could complain too much. Just keep your expectations straight and you wouldn’t be too disappointed.


I am not sure about their business hours but from what I researched it’s 7am to 2pm on weekends only. I repeat, WEEKENDS only. Please correct me if you’re a regular and my info is wrong. The easiest way to locate for this shop is to look for the Malacca Badminton Association, as it’s just opposite.

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