Prawn Noodle @ Ho Yee Kee, Kepong Baru

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Ho Yee Kee is a restaurant in Kepong Baru serving mainly Prawn Noodle and Lum Mee. I feel it is not common to see a restaurant specializing in prawn noodles, so I just had to try it out.
And to make things even more interesting, the prawn noodles sold here is claimed to be Penang’s Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle (we call it Hokkien Mee by the way).

prawn mee

To stand out among others, Ho Yee Kee lets customers add extra toppings like pork ribs, lala, prawns, shredded pork, squid and others. Each extra topping will be charged differently depending on what is chosen. Naturally, pork ribs and lala will cost the most. A big bowl of a normal prawn noodle would look like this.

prawn noodle

This is the small one. One good thing about Ho Yee Kee is that they are not stingy with the noodles, a small serving would be just nice for the average eater.

prawn noodle

Prawn noodle with extra pork ribs, it cost RM3 to add the ribs. It wasn’t a lot but at least they tasted nice and tender.

prawn mee

Although it’s called Penang Prawn Noodle, it is nothing similar to the ones in Penang. The soup is thicker, looks a lot redder and tastes already quite spicy by itself even without chili.
I also found the chili sauce having a prawny taste, probably they used prawn paste to prepare it. But, I advise not to add too much of the chili sauce because it will make the soup very very salty.

ho yee kee
ho yee kee

Those at the top tray are the extra toppings I mentioned earlier. They really prepared a lot huh, stacked like a small mountain.

kepong ho yee kee

I wouldn’t say Ho Yee Kee‘s prawn noodle is great but it is still better tasting than many others. Their business seem to be doing very well and a new branch, a big one has recently opened in Desa Aman Puri.
Their trademark is this huge eye-catching prawn sign that you can see from afar. Well, I will definitely return one day to try the other toppings especially lala, kinda curious how it would taste like.

Map: (a bit further down Kepong’s Wai Sik Kai)

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