Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian – Instant Noodle Review


Laksa is my favorite hawker food in Singapore. It is similar to Nyonya Laksa but there’s a heavier santan taste while the chilli paste is aromatic with an unmistakable umami flavor of dried shrimps. So when I saw an instant noodle with Singapore Laksa flavour that is made in Singapore as well, I just had to try it.
There are other brands in the market that also offer similar flavor but Prima Taste‘s premium packaging drew my attention the most. Looking at the list of natural ingredients used for the seasoning, I think they are true to their claim that no artificial flavoring, coloring and added preservatives are used in the product.


Price: RM7.50 at AEON & Village Grocer Bangsar
Packing size: 1 x 185g (pack of four available at cheaper price)
Halal: Yes
Country of origin: Singapore
Calories per serving: 694kcal
Water: 500ml
Cooking time: 7-9 minutes


Contents include: air-dried noodle, laksa premix and laksa paste.
Easy to open: Yes


Verdict: Wow. I am impressed by both the quality and taste of the soup, so much I that I finished every drop of it. It feels like having the real Singapore Laksa but at the comfort of being at home. The flavour is totally spot on and you could really taste the authenticity of dried shrimp in every sip of the robust coconut-based soup. This could definitely taste better with some shrimps, fish cake and cockles thrown in.
The noodle’s texture might taste weird if you’re not used to eating Singapore Laksa but I have to say it was well-made albeit slightly chewy. The only real downside of Prima Taste’s Singapore Laksa La Mian would be its price – but this product is so good you ought to try it at least once.

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  1. You’re back! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and then you disappeared in Feb. I thought you’ve stopped blogging…glad you’ve not. The laksa broth looks very creamy, with loads of santan, but at a hefty price of RM7.50, might as well get the ‘real deal’…and with “liew” some more!


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