Rant – Marmalade Cafe @ Publika

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I couldn’t care less about Marmalade Cafe‘s cute decor and cheerful ambience because the service is slow and inefficient despite being half full. Food is average at best and the staff is biased towards foreigners. Well, you know the ‘we came first but we got served last’ scenario. And if you see any function going on, my advice for you is to just turn around and walk away.


Moroccan Lamb Shank @ RM26 – looks promising, comes with generous portions and the meat is tender. Problem is, the sauce lacked of flavors while the tasteless rice is nothing but a stomach filler. And what do you know, it took them a ridiculous 40 minutes to serve this.


Poached Salmon Fillet @ RM26 – just blah, not worth the wait.


After such a miserable meal, this will be my last visit to Marmalade Cafe that’s for sure.

Marmalade Cafe
Lot G3-2, Level G3, Publika.

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