Wong Solo Restoran Ayam Bakar @ Taman Sentosa Villa, Kajang


Wong Solo is one of my favorite Indonesian restaurants in Klang Valley and you could find their outlets in major townships easily. For those who eat Indonesian food on a regular basis you will find their menu nothing surprising and comprises many common and traditional Indonesian dishes. I have tried their Penyet stuff before which is not bad but Wong Solo is also famous for their signature Ayam/Ikan Bakar.

Wong Solo Ayam-Bakar

They use ‘ayam kampung’ for their Ayam Bakar and it tastes very close to the normal barbecued chicken but a lot better – more tender and the taste leans towards sweetness because of the dark soya sauce marinade. Although I liked the Ayam Bakar, I am not too happy with the portioning. For RM6.90 at a normal establishment like this, I would have expected a larger portion. Seriously this is not even enough for 1 pax to go with rice.
Anyway, two condiments are readily available on each table – one thick, spicy and sweet soya sauce while the other (sambal ulek) is extremely spicy. And when I say extreme I really mean it, one small dip packs a big punch.

Wong Solo Ikan-Bakar

Ikan Bakar Bawal @ RM19.90 – nice also but the poor fish did not have much flesh to be enjoyed.

Wong Solo Balado-Terong

Balado Terung @ RM7.50 – basically a simple stir-fried brinjal dish in a hot and chunky chili paste called Sambal Balado.

Wong Solo Soda-Gembira

For cooling off after a spicy meal – Kelapa Muda and Soda Gembira (sirap bandung + soda). Both also RM5.50 and the latter is quite recommended, very gembira-ing indeed.

Wong Solo Kajang

I don’t mind dining here more often if they revise their serving portion (make it larger, of course!) Otherwise, my future visits here will be kept to an once in a while thing.

Wong Solo Kajang

Restoran Ayam Bakar
37 Jalan Sentosa Villa 1/1
Taman Sentosa Villa
43000 Kajang

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  1. Wow just realized there’s wong solo in Kajang, surely some of indo franchise has spread their wings, although they’re not really doin very well locally, honestly :p

  2. Just to share some tips while u eat there..

    Fyi i’m one of their big fans, always go to wong solo bandar baru bangi section 8 as it close yo my work place. Yes for big appetitee like me (100kg bodyweight) the portion is pretty small but everytime i had my lunch there I will order 1 set of ayam bakar with mineral water (rm10.90) + their tasty fried chicken wing(rm6.90) = rm17.80 and this really make me full as the chicken wing serve in 2pax portion size..
    *trust me u have to taste their fried chicken wing much better than KFC! ;)

  3. Normally i just order plain/ mineral water everytime i went out eating in restaurant because they simply not the ‘beverages specialist’.. After only then go to starbucks, coffee bean etc to enjoy my drinks with descent chilling ambient..


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