Restoran De Rasa Sayang @ SS4, PJ (Good & Affordable Food)


Restoran De Rasa Sayang at PJ SS4 is famous for their seafood noodles in the day but do you also know their tai chow at night is also very good and affordable as well? My friend who brought me here told me the chefs are the original team who used to cook at Greenview SS2, known for their Sang Har Meen. So if you fancy Sang Har Meen you could get it here as well. Anyway this restaurant is quite busy at night partly due to it being one of the very few eating places that open for dinner in this area.


Steamed Tilapia with Preserved Radish (chai por) @ RM25.20. Weird pricing, I don’t know what that 20 cents are for lol. The chef certainly does not stinge on the chai por, the fish is literally covered in it. If you tasted chai por before you would know it is slightly salty. But after being deep fried not only the saltiness is greatly reduced, they become even crunchier and more fragrant too. This is a dish that needs to be tackled fast while still hot to enjoy the taste to its fullest.


At Rasa Sayang you would find quite a few unique dishes prepared with Chinese peanuts. For example the Claypot Pork Ribs with Peanuts @ RM15, the savory gravy has a nice, earthy taste which is quite appetizing.


Another peanut related dish is the Peanut Tofu @ RM10, an interesting fusion of ingredients that worked effectively. If you are bored of the same old styles of tofu (none other than the usual seafood, claypot or hotplate) this is a something new worth trying.


And lastly my favorite dish of the meal – Deep Fried Squids with Honey @ RM12 only. You could tell the squids are really crispy and crunchy just by looking at the photo alone. About the taste I simply do not have the words to describe it as “sweet and fragrant” simply won’t do any justice. But trust me when you realize it is so delicious but costs only RM12 a plate, you would order it again and again, maybe even in the same seating too lol.


Coupled with a stir fried vege, rice and Chinese tea for four the bill came to a total of RM82.20 – reasonable considering we had mostly seafood and meat dishes. But ultimately good food should be the reason to visit De Rasa Sayang, not because they are affordable.

Restoran De Rasa Sayang
No 12, Jalan SS4C/5
Taman Rasa Sayang
47301 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.617 E101 36.229

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