Restoran Rosdet Tomyam @ Kampung Baru, KL

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The beauty of eating at Malay restaurants is that the dishes are so affordable that you could try a handful of them in one seating. For example, a seafood dish at the typical Chinese restaurant would set you at least RM15 or more. With the same amount, you could order up to four different dishes at a Malay eatery.


Still feeling good about the dinner we had at Suraya not long ago, we returned to Kampung Baru again. This time, our restaurant of choice was Rosdet Tomyam which also offers Malay-Thai fusion cuisine.


The first thing we noticed was the place’s cleanliness, it was tidy and spotless! Spacious too.


Interesting choice of decor here. Because of that, there’s a beach-side feel here that gives out a relaxed vibe.



While it’s not 100% authentic, the Seafood Tomyam @ RM6 is tasty enough to warrant an order. The tomyam soup is rich, had a right mix of spiciness and sourness with a sweet aftertaste. If you are looking for a meal on budget that’s also satisfying, simply get this, add on a telur dadar and enjoy with a plate of white rice. That’s how I used to roll back in my university days.


This will seem unusual especially to Chinese, but Rosdet’s Lidah Masak Merah @ RM10 is absolutely delicious. The beef tongue was cooked perfectly, simultaneously firm and tender with a fatty bite. Taste wise it’s exactly like beef, I think you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you were told. And not to mention the ‘merah’ sauce was great too, it’s appetizing without being overly sweet or salty.


A siakap fish here costs RM38 so we decided get the more affordable kembong @ RM10. We would usually have in Tiga Rasa but upon recommendation we tried their signature Rosdet style. It was a good call because the sauce was wonderful and tasted almost like a Thai version of Tiga Rasa, spicier with the addition of cashew nuts and basil for extra fragrance.


We are suckers for lala so we will usually order it whenever it’s available. As much as we enjoyed the way it was prepared (Masak Pedas @ RM6), the clams were frozen hence dry and filled with grit. Sotong might be a better choice next time.


For RM5, you get a generous serving of Kerang Bakar like this. The cockles are not as large as I’d like but frankly, one can’t complain due to the shortage recently.


Lastly, a stir fried asparagus @ RM10 to complete the meal. Not too shabby, if you ask me.


The menu does not have a dessert section but we kind of expected Pulut Mangga to be available since Rosdet is a Malay-Thai restaurant. If you still have room, this is totally worth getting to share for the table. After all, it’s only RM6 per serving.



Despite having a not-so-fresh dish, the overall experience was good and we can’t help but feel impressed by the level of service we got. The waitress who attended to us was polite and all-smiles while our food arrived all at once within minutes after ordering. Forget about the hip and trendy, Rosdet Tomyam is a gem in the heart of KL to visit for a cheap and satisfying meal.

Restoran Rosdet Tomyam
160 Jalan Raja Abdullah
Kampung Baru, 50300 KL
Business hours: 10am – 10pm (sometimes later)
Tel: 016-908 2454 / 016-269 3577

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