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RM1.30 Cendol Opposite Taman Bahagia LRT Station


Damn the weather nowadays is killing me. Thanks to the haze the daytime doesn’t feel like daytime anymore because the sunlight is freaking blocked and smoke is all I see! Even when it rains it only lasts for a few minutes wtf.
Lucky for us there’s cheap and body cooling desserts like ais kacang and cendol easily available – whether in a coffee shop, food court or by the road side. But, finding a tasty one remains as the main challenge.


I was hunting for good cendol around Subang Jaya and the stall opposite Taman Bahagia LRT station had quite a few recommendations online. Realizing my office is not exactly too far from it, I decided to drop by one day after lunch.
I was expecting to see a proper stall but it was actually a mobile stall operating using a van. Setup beside a housing area’s playground, it’s very easy to locate – just use the LRT as the landmark.


The cendol is dirt cheap here, RM1.30 a bowl. It is one of the better tasting cendol I have had so far since coming to KL (you won’t believe the level of crappiness in the worst ever cendol I had not long ago. So this deserves a somewhat good rating based on the worst one, relatively)
At least it was pretty authentic and had the cendol taste. The only complaint I have is on the shaved ice, it wasn’t fine enough and felt chunky.


But that’s understandable since they are still using the traditional ice shaver. It definitely won’t be able to produce the perfectly textured shaved ice from those electric ice shavers.


Generous amount of santan and cendol being poured over the shaved ice.



For RM1.30, not much ingredients can be expected. The ice tends to melt really fast so there’s really no time to enjoy it slow and steady.


My friend ordered the rojak and said it was so-so at best.


Since discovering this cendol, we always drop by for a bowl or two whenever we can. But not because it’s that great. To be honest it loses by miles if compared to Penang Road Teochew Cendol.
The environment, which is surrounded by trees and always breezy is the main reason we go there. It’s the perfect oasis to enjoy cooling cendol in a scorching afternoon. Believe it or not, we feel cooler being here than being in a shaded food court!

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