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Road Side Roti Canai @ Transfer Road, Penang


Many people claim that the Roti Canai stall at Transfer Road is the best in Penang. Well firstly, let me just say that statement might be a bit of a stretch, as I don’t feel the roti canai was anything fantastic. But, the curries that come along are worth trying.


I also want to highlight that if you are a person who prefer to dine properly in an acceptably clean environment, you may stop reading and forget about this place. Yeah it’s really old and famous and all but simple hygiene is evidently forgotten here.


I feel the roti canai is pretty normal, maybe you could get even better ones from your neighborhood roti canai stall. One that I have eaten since I was a kid, bought from a household stall at Taman Bukit (Bukit Mertajam) already tastes a lot better than this. It just doesn’t have that fluffy texture, more like a chewy piece of flour.


So that’s why I would only recommend to try the curries here, more precisely the beef curry alone. It always comes with two pieces of beef, served in a dubious looking plate. And I think you would agree with me it is definitely not the most appetizing thing to look at lol. Honestly, although far from being out-of-the-world delicious, it has this special taste (in a good way) derived from the spices they use. Even the not-too-appealing pieces of beef are so skillfully cooked to a perfect tender state.
But however tasty the curry is, if you have a weak stomach you should also skip this because the strong curry would leave a warm sensation in the tummy later. Just for the record, I didn’t feel sick or have any stomach upset after that.


Roti Canai Daging‘ is the best seller here. You could also order the ‘banjir’ version but I never liked my roti canai soggy.


The current boss (in pic) is the 3rd generation if not mistaken, he still helps out at the stalls. Very well mannered and willing to share the history of his family’s business. If you have any questions, just shoot!


During weekends and public holidays this place is crowded with both locals and tourists and things could get quite chaotic. Don’t expect to get any quick service if you are a soft spoken person. And if you come here all clean and freshened up, I guarantee you would have the urge to shower again after eating here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you yeah.

GPS Coordinates: N5 25.238 E100 19.839

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