Roast Goose @ Yue Kee Restaurant (裕記大飯店), Sham Tseng Hong Kong


Dim Sum aside, ‘Siu Ngor‘ (Roast Goose) is one of the more memorable food we had in Hong Kong. There are quite a number of restaurants selling Roast Goose in HK but the famous ones are none other than the original Sham Tseng Yue Kee and the classy Yung Kee Restaurant at Central. We actually tried both, and felt that while both are equally good and up to expected standards, Yue Kee is more appealing to us because it won’t burn a hole in your wallet like Yung Kee would.


The ‘lai pai‘ (regular) portion here is a quarter of a roast goose and it is priced at $100 for the upper part and $120 for the lower part. The lower part is slightly more expensive simply because that’s where the drumstick is at. If you were not specific enough while ordering you will most probably get the upper part like we did. So if you intend to savor the drumstick and thigh portion, do let the waiter know exactly which part you want when he is placing the order. If the menu is missing from the table, insist on it to know what is available.

While similar to the flavor of duck meat, goose flesh is not only meatier but is also less fatty. It was still hot when served and I could still remember the pleasant aroma it exuded. Not only you can smell it, you can even taste that distinctive charcoal taste in the meat that very well sets it apart from the rest. Yue Kee’s roast goose is as good as it could be hence well worth all the trouble we had to go through to get here. Just FYI, we waited over an hour for the mini bus which was supposed to bring us to Sham Tseng but it never came. So we thought ‘screw the mini bus’ and took a taxi instead.


We also had a go at their Crab Meat Broccoli. Nothing too fantastic on the taste you gotta appreciate the amount of actual crab meat they give. Chunks of them!


Since Sham Tseng is actually like a village (compared to places like Central and Mong Kok) at countryside of HK where it is not directly reachable via MTR, your only choice of transportation of getting here are bus and taxi. If you are willing to spend then the journey would take about 30 mins from Mong Kok via taxi. If you are travelling by public transport, it would take no less than hour and be prepared for surprises that could make that travel time even longer.


For a place that is famous for roast goose, of course there will be more than one restaurant serving this delicacy. Besides Yue Kee you will also see Chan Kee and its branches around, with signboards so big you can’t help but feel they are trying real hard to cut into the competition.


If you are in the mood for desserts then you can head to Lucky Dessert for some treats. It was about 11pm and the shop was doing still mad business as you can see. This is the original branch that started the durian based dessert craze in HK and it is just a stone’s throw away from Yue Kee. As for us, we did not even bother to try.


Yue Kee Restaurant 裕記大飯店
9 Main Street, Sham Tseng San Tsuen, Sham Tseng
Business hours: Daily 11am to 11:30pm

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    • you won’t need to have a reservation. but i read some stories where people were asked to eat in a hurry during rush hours. I was there at night near closing time so we could enjoy it slow and steady

  1. jus find out your blog.. nice and like it.. Thinking to eat japanese food.. any recommended? price range is about RM50++ per person.


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