Roasted Pork


I am surprised to find very little information to Roasted Pork, 燒肉 in the Internet. Even Wikipedia does not feature any article about this Chinese delicacy, seems like Char Siew is more popular. Anyway we call it “Sior Bak” in Hokkien, and “Sao Nyiuk” in Hakka. My mother will always buy some of it from the market on Sundays as an additional dish. Normally there will be a lot left after lunch, but after fried with garlic and light soya sauce, it becomes another dish completely! And it will be the first dish to be gobbled lol.
Roasted Pork
To taste really nice Siu Yuk, you will need to go to restaurant that serves Hong Kong style dishes. They do really serve the best Siu Mei 燒味. Anyone has any idea how Siu Yuk is prepared, please leave a message or a link, I am very curious to know. All I have seen is people using a lighter of some sort to burn the hair on the pork’s skin.

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