Sake Room Slogan and Theme Contest

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Contest has ended! The grand prize goes to Chingy Her winning entry –

Theme: Sushi Assassination
Slogan: Attack of the Rebellious Ninja

2nd place goes to cumi&ciki

Theme: Dress up as any japanese god/godess/deity .. place to be decorated as a Shinto Shrine!
Slogan: SAKE ROOM where you can find “A Tipple Good Enough for the Gods” !

Congratulations and enjoy your party and meal!:) Thanks to those who have submitted their entries via commenting!

sake room contest

Sake Room is throwing a contest for 2 creative readers of to win a party at Sake Room Restaurant. Best of all, the party set up will be based on the theme of the winning submission!

The rules are simple:

      1. Submit a cool theme and catchy slogan for a party at Sake Room (e.g. Geisha Night, Samurai Gone Wild) via the comment section.

      2. Winners will be picked by Sake Room’s director, Melissa.
      3. Contest will run until September 30, 2008. So, you have plenty of time to come up with a creative theme and slogan.
      4. Contest is open for everyone in Penang who’s reading this!
      5. Good luck and have fun!

Prize details:

First prize, the winner will get:
1. RM120 worth of cash vouchers usable in Sake Room Seberang Jaya.
2. A bottle of “Sawanotsuru Genshu” worth RM174 – the award winning sake four years in a row, Monde selection. Dry aroma and a little fruity.
3. A party set up in Sake Room based on the winning theme and slogan.

Second prize winner will get RM80 worth of cash vouchers.

If you are a Japanese food lover, you surely surely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. Frankly, this is one of the easiest online contest. Even I myself will enter it if I could, lol. So, what are you waiting for? :P

p/s: Please make sure you enter your name and email address correctly in the comment. Else, I wouldn’t be able to contact you.

discount card

By the way, Sake Room is giving’s readers a discount card to enjoy a 20% discount on the total food bill. Print it and use it as many times as you wish! Discount card valid until 30 November 2008.

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