San Francisco Steakhouse @ KLCC


Was feeling like eating at a classy Western restaurant while shopping in KLCC one day. There are many options in KLCC but we settled at San Francisco Steakhouse, simply because I suddenly craved for steak that time. And not to mention San Francisco Steakhouse was a winner of Malaysia Tatler best restaurant not too long ago. So, I guessed it was worth to try at least. The ambiance was quiet and nice, with most of the patrons being foreigners.

tiger prawn with lamb cutlet

After long consideration, I chose the Tiger Prawn with Lamb Cutlet which cost RM51.90. Expensive stuff.. in fact it was the most expensive ala carte dish I’ve ever ordered. Well, luckily it was well worth the price tag because of the huge portion of lamb. And most importantly, the lamb cutlet was very meaty and tasty – that mattered the most.

tiger prawn with lamb cutlet

The tiger prawns were a little let down though, they taste like those freshwater reared ones. I would have expected San Franciso Steakhouse to actually serve tiger prawns captured from the sea which definitely have better taste and texture.

potato skin

Potato Skin with Goat Cheese dip @ RM8.90. Nothing spectacular about this, the one I had at Ribs in Penang was much much better than this.


Some warm buns and “President” butter were served before our mains arrived. Even though they looked like nothing special, they tasted damn good to me lol.

salmon and fillet steak

Another main we ordered was Salmon with Fillet Steak @ RM35.90.

salmon and fillet steak

The salmon was nice but the same can’t be said for the steak. The fillet steak was a bit bland and dry and there wasn’t any sauce or gravy except its own juice.

fruit juice

Pineapple and orange juice – RM8 and RM9.50 respectively. So, the classy meal I wanted to have cost a total of RM131.35 inclusive of 5% tax and 10% Service Charge. This means RM17 alone was solely for tax and service charge.. that’s a lot! I probably won’t return again because the food wasn’t really that great. I felt like I was paying for the nice decor and ambiance more actually.

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  1. my family had our lunch here last monday as to celebrate my sister bufday. the portion of the food surprise us. coz it was huge..we didnt manage to finish all of it. after eating, i ask for the bill and have to wait for about 15min to get the receipt and 15 min to get my change. i dont what take them so long. after checking up the bil..have some mistake of the quality and ofcouse it effect the total cost of the food. i manage to ask for the refund and we have to wait another 20min!!!imagine that!! the food was great..but the staff was horrible..dispite their own mistake, they dont even bother to say sorry to us…terrible service!!!!

  2. I’ve been there twice and received great service and enjoyed great food as well. I did not order any combo meals so I am not sure of their quality, but their more expensive cuts of beef certainly tasted great, such as the Rib-Eye. Boston Seafood Chowder is also highly recommended as well. Unlucky for you but for me, I’ll surely be going back again! They are having some Wagyu beef promotion but I think it costs RM100/piece so better be prepared…

  3. San Francisco Steak House another cheap ass tacky local creation, only locals will believe that this crap is from the states. Coz there is no such restaurant there, SF is not even known for steak, common using American sounding places always attract the attention of locals here and why? Coz Malaysians in general are very gullible, greedy, impatient, jaded and illiterate.
    NYC has the top ranked steak house in the states 20 years in a row Peter Lugers average meal $300RM per person. Superb dry aged beef. Wrong marketing but still works! Haha you got it right dumb locals. Another fine example is Manhattan Fish Market another bs crap place. I am from NYC and the fish market there is nothing like the dumb manhattan fish market ad, Manhattan is not known for seafood. New England offers the best seafood on the northeast not Manhattan. So even wrong marketing flies in the land of the gullible. All a lie to draw dumb locals here to their sucky restaurant. The only place on the planet where dumb ass marketing works.
    FYI JCO Donuts is created by a hair dresser in Indonesia after tasting Krispy Kreme the original airy soft donut from the states. Big Apple another unoriginal crap launch after copying JCO donuts. Knowledge is power! Power to the people!

    • For me we are blessed with the choices of food around not mentioning our own local dishes. Well, forgive some crappy looners if they are jealous of us. We are paying for our own food and enjoying it. Its a pity foreigners have to pay a fortune for durians, nasi lemak or roti canai. Haha..

  4. Well,we locals are not so lucky to be so well educated on food of the world as most of the information received are from the telly, Anyway there’s truth in it that locals tend to idolise anything foreign especially food outlets well, whatever at least it creates business and job opportunity for Msians and some foreigners too.

    Lastly dont like the food dont eat it.( SIMPLE)

  5. really a waste of time to go to this place. the staff are really untrained and the cooks must be out of a burger stall…

    the meat is good but spoilt by untrained cooks…maybe they should all go back to learn to fry an egg first…

    the worst is tropicana mall outlet..macdonalds would be a better option


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