Sao Nam Fine Vietnamese Cuisine @ Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang

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Fancy some Vietnamese food? Then head to Sao Nam at Tengkat Tong Shin where truly delicious Vietnamese dishes can be found. If you are a drinker then perhaps there is an additional reason to visit the restaurant, because Chef Tien who designed Sao Nam’s menu is the winner of creating the best matching Vietnamese main course for French Wine.


The Mangosteen and Prawn Salad @ RM32 is an award winning dish that deserves all the praise it gets. As far as salad goes for me, this has got to have the most unique combination of ingredients. It includes mangosteen flesh, tiger prawns, dried squid flown in from Vietnam, grated coconut and chicken slices complete with Chef Tien’s special kumquat dressing.
There are not too much greens though, except for the cucumber slices which are more like a side garnish. The salad exudes freshness and tastes appetizing with a nice mix of sweet, salty and sour flavor – I feel the dried squid (not as brown, dry and salty as the Chinese version) and kumquat dressing really made the difference. Simply a must try.


The Deep Fried Chicken Spring Rolls @ RM18 here is wrapped with fine rice papers, true to its Vietnamese roots. Although the spring rolls are not that crispy compared to our popiah, the filings (minced chicken, wood ear mushroom, carrot and yams strips) are much more compacted and taste tender. Plus, they managed to stay warm throughout the lunch too.


A classic in Vietnamese cuisine – Beef Pho @ RM18. While the traditional recipe dictates that the soup to be simmered for a few hours, Sao Nam takes it a step further by making it at least 10 hours for that richer broth flavor. Judging by the pic, the price of the noodle might seem high and the beef slices are nowhere to be found, right? Well, start looking under the soup and be very surprised.


Just when we thought Laksa is a Malaysian-Singaporean thing, there is also a Vietnamese version @ RM18. The thick and creamy gravy has a unique curry flavor that is enriched by a lot of high quality dried shrimps . And I mean really a lot. The portion is huge as well so sharing is feasible.



There are quite a number of Vietnamese coffee available here, even some are labeled ‘premium’ like bazan (Triple ‘A’ grade Vietnamese Arabica) @ RM15. I have to admit they are fun to have but taste wise they did not leave a lasting impression. Skip this if possible, or maybe get the desserts instead?


SA0 NAM Fine Vietnamese Cuisine (Pork Free)
25 Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang
50200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 21441225, 03 21448225
Business hours: Lunch – 12.30pm to 2.30pm, Dinner: 7.30pm to 10.30pm

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