Set Lunch @ Cosmic Leisure House

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Please pardon the photos’ quality in my posts lately lol. I don’t carry my digital camera around so often anymore recently.

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Last Friday me and my colleagues went to a cafe-like restaurant in Krystal Point, Bayan Baru for lunch. The place is called Cosmic Leisure House and it is more than a normal restaurant. I am sure most of you have heard about the crackdown on illegal gambling outlets in Penang. These outlets cleverly disguise themselves as entertainment outlets. But in fact, one can purchase tokens and play different kinds of machines that dispense tokens upon win. When done playing, exchange the tokens back to cash at the counter. Ok ok, let’s get back to the food :P

Cosmic Leisure House’s menu is surprisingly very extensive, even wine can be ordered! Anyway a set lunch which I orderd costs RM4.90. It includes a main course, a drink and soup. Availabe main courses to choose from are BBQ Chicken Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice, Sweet and Sour Mantis Prawn Rice.. etc. I think you get the idea lol. They use the same stlye of cooking and sauce for the dishes.. kinda lazy huh? Taste wise still OK, but I recommend going for prawn mantis because for its value ;)

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