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Weekdays Set Lunch @ Silver Spoon Trattoria, Bandar Menjalara


It is quite surprising for an unassuming place like Bandar Menjalara to have Silver Spoon Trattoria, a casual Italian restaurant that sparkles with tasteful decorations. I am saying this because when you compare it with the other restaurants in the vicinity that are mostly Chinese dai chow, Bak Kut Teh, dim sum and hawker centres, it would become obvious that Silver Spoon is a lot more upscale than the rest. That being said, you should know what to expect in terms of pricing.


A close friend of mine celebrated his birthday at Silver Spoon not long ago gave me his feedback, which unfortunately was not really encouraging. That, and coupled with the many invited reviews online, I decided to play safe by trying out their set lunch first, currently priced at RM21.90+ for a three course meal. To cut to the chase, overall the food is not bad but portion is quite small, and the kitchen service could be A LOT faster.



There are four types of entrees to choose from: Cannellini bean & tomato bruschetta, soup of the day, stuff mushroom (portobello mushroom filled with fresh breadcrumbs, herbs and grilled parmesan cheese) and crumbed calamari. Just very standard stuff so no surprises here.


As for the main course (9 selections of mostly pasta, chicken and pizza) SL had the Beer Batter Dory Fillet. As expected, the portion is at most half of the normal serving in order to make up for the price. The good thing is that the fish is nicely cooked – tastes good, flaky flesh and does not feel dry at all. The fries however, is beyond cheap and even worse than what you would get at McDonald’s.


My freshly baked 6-inch Hawaiian Pizza fared better. The crust is crispy just how I like it and they were quite generous with the toppings. Just FYI the other pizza available for the set lunch is BBQ Chicken Pizza.



And lastly for desserts, Banana Crepes and Chocolate Mousse. Both are quite satisfying considering that they are ‘set lunch’ grade desserts. But if you fancy something more Italian then there’s Pana Cotta too.


Now, about the kithen service. When we arrived at the restaurant it was quite empty and only two tables were occupied. But still, it took 30 minutes for our food to arrive and not to mention it was just set lunch, which is usually faster to prepare compared to ordering ala carte. So I could only imagine how it would be, if the restaurant is ACTUALLY busy.

Silver Spoon Trattoria (Non Halal)
1st Floor, Wisma Menjalara,
Bandar Menjalara,
52200, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.718 E101 37.945
Tel: 03 6277 0445

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Apologies for the delay in service, have spoken to the kitchen team and we hope to improve from here. Do come join us sometime to sample some of our ala carte dishes during dinner :)

  2. Hi,

    There are new Satay in Kepong called ‘Klasik Satay Station ”


    Many VIPs throng this place for a good Satay included Chef Celebrity like Patsie Cheong ! and there are also featured in Sudden News Weekly in Hong Kong.

    Go and get it review mr VKEONG!

    GPS : N 3 13.117 E 101 37.279

    PS: I’ve tested Satay Station Kg Pandan,Hj Samuri, Ismail Satay,Satay Jalan Peel and Satay Pulau, but this one tops its all ! .

  3. I love the pictures. I think if I have those servings even with a little portion of everything would still satisfy me… Just for the pizza and dessert, I’m happily satisfied…


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