“Shall We Meet” Restaurant


“Shall We Meet” restaurant.. the first time I see the name, it reminds me of the “Shall We Talk” song by Eason Chan. Anyway, this cafe-like restaurant is located SS2, directly opposite Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.
Shall We Meet“Shall We Meet” – shouldn’t it be “Yao Jian Mian Ma?”
Shall We Meet Counter Shall We Meet Restaurant
The decor of the restaurant is plain and simple. Almost everything is in black and white: tables, chairs, walls, and the waiters’ uniform. “Shall We Meet” serves a really wide range of customers, when we were there we saw families, office ladies, students and couples dining.

Banana Chocolate Milkshake
One thing I found interesting in their menu is the “Dan Dan Mian” translated to Cart Noodles. There are 3 different combos that you can order: A,B or C .. seriously they need to think of more creative names lol.
Shall We Meet Menu
Cart Noodles A, B or C leh?
The differences among the combos are the number of toppings you can add to your noodles. You can choose from luncheon meat, sausage, egg, braised pork, curry chicken and many more. Besides the toppings, you can also choose the type of noodles you wish to have, eg. Wantan mee, Yellow mee, Huang Ti noodle etc. Lastly, you will need to decide the gravy, which I chose curry chicken. Customization is the selling point here :) This was how my customized Cart Noodle looked like.. The soup that accompanied tasted very unique, another selling point.
Dan Dan Mee Dan Dan Mee
Ham + Sausage + Huang Ti Noodle + Curry Chicken gravy
This was what Siang Leng had, luncheon meat + egg set. Nothing special to write home about.
Luncheon Meat + Egg set
This should be taken for breakfast :P

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