Shariff Nasi Kandar Istimewa

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Because Nasi Kandar originates from Penang, it is no doubt the best ones are here too. This dish has managed to do very well in Penang with restaurants coming up at every corner. And that’s even with the tough competition among Pelita, Kayu, Kassim Mustafa and many others. Recently I have moved away from dining in these chain restaurants because of the expensive price. Shariff Nasi Kandar Istimewa in Gelugor has got to be one of the cheapest nasi kandar stall in the whole Penang island.

nasi kandar shariff

And because Shariff’s Nasi Kandar is not only cheap but also great tasting, many people would line up as early as 6.30pm for the food. Most people who eat here are either working folks from Bayan Lepas or USM students.

shariff nasi kandar

Arrive after 7pm and you will be one of the people in the queue. The queue length was the same when I just came, when I started to eat, and when I finished my meal. It’s only the people who were queing have changed, lol.

shariff nasi kandar istimewa

These are the different dishes you could choose from. Nothing fancy here like crabs or oversized prawns. Just the normal fried chicken, sambal kerang, curry fish, sotong, liver.. After choosing, you would then proceed to the other side of the stall to make your payment.

nasi kandar sotong

A plate like this with two medium sized curry sotong, beef and big piece of fried egg costs only RM5.60. That’s waaaaay cheaper than what you will be charged in the chained restaurants. I think taking the sotong alone would cost you a bomb lol.

nasi kandar ayam

Fried chicken in spicy sauce, curry fish and some long beans cost just over RM4. Although chicken breast meat is used, you won’t believe its tenderness.

nasi kandar

Curry sotong, beef and sambal kerang (one of their specialty that day) Also just over RM4.

nasi kandar

A piece of chicken and cabbage is less than RM4. Besides the cheap price, another thing I like about Shariff’s Nasi Kandar is the curries are not too spicy, which will surely appeal to the general.

teh tarik

What’s better to wash down all the curry and cholesterol than a cup of teh tarik? Ahh.. eating nasi kandar such a sinfully enjoyable thing to do lol. Shariff is a bit tricky to find because you won’t notice it from the main road, they are blocked from view by fence. If you are coming to N Park from Bayan Lepas via the flyover, keep going until the second traffic light. You will see AmBank, 7-eleven and a post office on your left. Shariff Nasi Kandar is directly in front of 7-eleven, you can’t miss it. A very recommended place to go for good Nasi Kandar in Penang.

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