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Sio Bee, The Kuching Siu Mai!


In Kuching Sio Bee is a popular street dish that can be found easily. The word Sio Bee is in Hokkien. It is also fondly known as Siu Mai in Cantonese to us from the Peninsular. This is one of the must-tries in Kuching.


Many Kuching people would claim that the Sio Bee in the Open Air Market opposite Electra House would be the best. And guess what? The Sio Bee I had are from there too. The main difference between Siu Mai and Sio Bee is that the latter uses pork only, while Siu Mai is of shrimp and pork. The skin color is also different, not yellowish like Siu Mai. The meat is tender and you gotta enjoy it with the chilli sauce, it’s much nicer that way IMO. Sio Bee seems to be dominated by a brand called “Sin Kwang Heng”. Most of the Sio Bee stalls I saw claimed their Sio Bee are the best by this brand. When I was young an old uncle used to cycle past my house at night selling various steamed buns and dim sum. His Siu Mai looks and tasted very similar to Sio Bee.. such a fond memory :)


The boss also sold fresh soya bean milk. How was it? Normal soya bean milk lo. If interested you are welcome to view the other foods I had in Open Air Market.

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