Sister’s Char Koay Teow @ Lam Heng Cafe, McAlister Road

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So, I went and tried Sister’s Char Koay Teow in McAlister Road before I left Penang. It it said to be one of the best char koay teow in Penang, with a notorious reputation of being overpriced and arrogant. I even heard that you would be charged for not ordering a drink in the coffee shop. I had to see it for myself to confirm this.

sister's char koay teow

The coffee shop was pretty empty when I went there. Only a few tables were seated and it didn’t seem as busy as I expected, since it’s supposed to be famous and all. To be honest, we were not really impressed by the looks of the koay teow when it arrived on our table. It looked quite bland and normal, portion seems small too. If you noticed, there’s a little crab meat sprinkled on top of the koay teow as garnish.

char koay teow

But, it turned out to be very delicious and had a unique good taste which other char koay teow doesn’t have. The prawns are big, fresh and sweet – giving the dish a boost in taste. It is certainly a par above the rest. The price tag for a plate is quite expensive though, which is RM5.


And here are some of the rules to be obeyed while you are in the coffee shop. No moving or joining of the marble tables is allowed, and no outside drinks is allowed too. The poster on the right warns that anyone who didn’t order any drinks within the coffee shop would be charged 50 cents each. I tested this by only ordering one drink for two of us and yeah, we were charged an extra 50 cents.

sister's char koay teow

Sister’s Char Koay Teow can be found in Lam Heng Cafe, a corner coffee shop at the end of McAlister Road. Besides char koay teow there’s also laksa, mee jawa and their very own otak-otak. So, you are not necessarily forced to eat char koay teow only lol.

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