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“Smell Tasty” Restaurant is located in Sunway Tunas, a relatively new area in Bayan Baru. Most people working in Bayan Lepas and Motorola nearby like to patronize here for lunch, so business is always brisk.

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Cheezy Chicken Fried Rice @ RM6.50 is fried rice and a piece of chicken chop with cheese melted on top of it. The fried rice was too little for guys like me, but they were generous on the chicken :)

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Fried Mee Jawa @ RM5.00 is Chinese style Indian mee goreng. The portion is huge, smells great and is one of the best Fried Mee Jawa I ever had. So good that it can match the mee goreng back in Bukit Mertajam.. but I have to say it is a bit pricey though.

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