Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet @ All Sushi King Malaysia

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Sushi King Buffet Sushi

Sushi King‘s Ramadhan Buffet just started yesterday and it’s currently priced at RM39.90/pax. For children below 120cm or senior citizen, the price is RM19.90/pax.
The buffet starts at 5.30pm daily and the dining session for each party is limited to 80 minutes only. Food wastage will be charged at RM10 for every 300 grams or part thereof, so make sure you only order what you could finish.

Sushi King Sushi Buffet

Sushi King card members will enjoy RM4 off the buffet and only one card is required to admit a maximum of 6 persons. Full payment must be made first too before the buffet starts.

Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet Menu

Sushi King’s Ramadhan Buffet menu has 44 different types of rice meal, sushi and other dishes. Beverages and desserts are self-service and they include ice honey lemon tea, ice blackcurrant lemon, green tea and ice creams.

Sushi King Buffet Sushi Conveyor Belt

Basically you can just grab any sushi from the conveyor belt because all of them are included in the buffet. Some of the more popular items like Salmon Nishoku and Golden Ball (although not in the menu) may be missing from the conveyor belt, so you should just order them directly from the staff.

Sushi King Buffet Salmon Nishoku

Some of things we had were: Salmon Nishoku – raw salmon with fish roe and mayonnaise.

Sushi King Buffet Salmon Sushi

Salmon sushi.

Sushi King Buffet Golden Ball

Golden Ball – deep fried hard boiled egg topped with crabstick mayonnaise.

Sushi King Buffet Unagi Sushi

Unagi sushi.

Sushi King Buffet Ebi Fry Nigiri

Ebi Fry Nigiri – deep fried prawn with mayonnaise.

Sushi King Buffet Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri chicken – deep fried chicken with spicy sauce and mayonnaise.

Sushi King Buffet Spicy Gyu Maki

Spicy Gyu Maki.

Sushi King Buffet Salmon Belly

Salmon Karaage.

Sushi King Buffet Tori Karaage Gunkan

Tori Karaage Gunkan.

Sushi King Buffet Tobikko Spicy Gyu Maki

Tobikko Spicy Gyu Maki.

Sushi King Buffet Kani Tobikko Gunkan

Kani Tobikko Gunkan.

Sushi King Buffet Ice Cream

Green tea and vanilla ice cream.

Sushi King Buffet Ramadhan Buffet Promotion

As you can see, many of the items are rice based so it will fill you up rather quickly. Based on our calculation, if we ordered all the above a la carte, the total bill would be equivalent to the buffet price for two. So I would only recommend the buffet if you are really hungry and go for the pricier items like Salmon Nishoku.
I won’t comment on the taste and quality because it’s Sushi King we are talking about and you should already know how the food actually is. But just so you know, we did finish everything – so it’s not entirely that bad. FYi Sushi King’s Ramadhan Buffet will start in East Malaysia from 5th of June onward.

Sushi King Sunway Putra Mall KL

Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet

Member Price: Adult: RM35.90 + RM2.15(GST) = RM38.05
Child / Senior Citizen: RM17.90 + RM1.07(GST) = RM18.97
Non-Member Price: Adult: RM39.90 + RM2.39(GST) = RM42.29
Child / Senior Citizen: RM19.90 + RM1.19(GST) = RM21.09

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