Tatsu Japanese Buffet @ Intercontinental Hotel KL

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This is my first buffet post in almost 2 years and I am going to make it a quick one. Tatsu at Intercontinental Hotel is the place and the Japanese a la carte buffet costs RM118 for an adult. Crazy eh? I think this is the most expensive buffet I have ever had. Price is the only downside here as most of the food that really mattered such as sashimi, cod, unagi and tempura are good while the rest meet expectations.

Tatsu Salmon-Sashimi

5 types of sashimi (counts as 5 of the 88 dishes) here: butterfish, octopus, salmon, taro and yellowtail.

Tatsu Salmon-Sushi

7 types of sushi (2pcs for each portion): butterfish, eel, salmon, ika, octopus, tuna and yellowtail.

Tatsu Teriyaki-Cod

Teriyaki Cod, delicious and a must order here. Best value too if you intend to eat for your money’s worth.

Tatsu Teppanyaki-Cod

Teppanyaki Cod, also delicious but we liked the Teriyaki version a lot more.

Tatsu Fried-Cheddar-Cheese

Fried cheddar cheese


Fried ginkgo nuts

Tatsu Smoked-Wild-Duck

Smoked Wild Duck Breast

Tatsu Unagi-with-Egg-Sauce

Unagi with Egg Sauce

Tatsu Teppanyaki-Scallops

Teppanyaki Scallops

Tatsu Teppanyaki-Prawns

Teppanyaki Prawns

Tatsu Seafood-Tempura

Seafood Tempura

Tatsu Unagi


Tatsu Deep-Fried-Oysters

Fried oysters

Tatsu Yakitori



Egg plant with bean paste

Tatsu Grilled-Pacific-Saury-with-Salt

Grilled Pacific Saury with Salt

Tatsu Mochi-Balls

Mochi balls

Tatsu Ice-Cream

Ice cream

Tatsu Chocolate-Fondue

Chocolate fondue


There are 88 dishes (we sampled 20+ only) to order from and you are limited to ordering a maximum of 5 dishes every time to prevent food waste. I don’t know about you but I am all for this rule. Too many times I have seen people piling up their plates at buffets just to leave them untouched at the end of the session. So, the two ultimate questions: Is the buffet worth forking out RM118 for? Will we return? The answers are “not really” and “highly unlikely”.

Tatsu Japanese Restaurant

Intercontinental Hotel
165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

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