T.G.I. Fridays @ Queensbay Mall

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Recently I got a lot of hits from Google for TGI Fridays and Queensbay searches. Mostly because of a SmallTalk Queensbay post I made few weeks ago. This is the first TGI restaurant in Penang so everybody is quite curious. Anyway here you go, photos of the restaurant (whether you want to see it or not :P) And please pardon the quality lol, sometimes I take really bad photos.

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Photos of the food at TGI Friday’s is not available yet.. Well I should have had them if it wasn’t fully booked last Monday. I was there and the only seats left were around the bar. What’s worse it was a smoking area. So it was a no-no for us.

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“In here it’s always Friday”, and I do agree to that.

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