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Recently I got a lot of hits from Google for TGI Fridays and Queensbay searches. Mostly because of a SmallTalk Queensbay post I made few weeks ago. This is the first TGI restaurant in Penang so everybody is quite curious. Anyway here you go, photos of the restaurant (whether you want to see it or not :P) And please pardon the quality lol, sometimes I take really bad photos.

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Photos of the food at TGI Friday’s is not available yet.. Well I should have had them if it wasn’t fully booked last Monday. I was there and the only seats left were around the bar. What’s worse it was a smoking area. So it was a no-no for us.

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“In here it’s always Friday”, and I do agree to that.

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  1. They got a TGIF at Queensbay?!!!??!!11! I didnt know that!!! They should have advertised or something!!!

    Btw the koay chap stall rules

  2. Anyway, i haved a worst customer services experience with it at TGI Friday Penang. The services is real bad, the manager also seem like not educated at all when handling customer. I’m so disapointed with the them as one of the most popular restaurant now in Malaysia.

  3. Guess we were at a different TGIF’s in the Queensbay. Are there 2 places?

    One were were at had great service, excellent food with LARGE servings, reasonable prices and CLEAN!!

  4. ihve been to the TGI fridays here…the servise was not that bad..it was quite rather impresive considering theyre still new..the food was almost the same as the one i had in PJ..so practicly i wouldnt mind a 2nd visit

  5. not been there,yet..but i’ve heard loads bout it…considering it’s still new n all,n that it’s a busy place(or so i’ve heard..),d’bad-service’is(not 2 say expected,no..!)but if a guest is wiling 2 wait although they could see that it’s 1 heck of a fast-paced restaurant,n that the servers r tryin their best 2 serve you all they could,y not accept it as it is instead of complaining non-stop?put yourself in their shoe s they tried 2 put themself in yours..this is s far s as i’m concern..i’ve once been a server,n i do know how this people feel everytime they have face a guest who demands things from a server who simply wasn’t trained 2 do..cheers!!xxx

  6. candle ligth dinner we dun hav it, but if u make an early reservation maybe there will…anyway, TGIF in Queensbay Mall are currently the top upselling restaurant in the whole Malaysia.

    For the bartender, they are now currently the most happening staff in the place…ask them anything and they will du it…

  7. who say they dun have the 3 course meal…we already have it since early october…summore the newest steak item had just arrive….

    try out our newly come in, the margarita blast…3 types…check it out the new martini goblet glass…very nice…with a twisted red line!!!

    try out first…newly open store is in Pavillion, KL…check it out!!!

  8. heya..thought of having a birthday party there.do u have any special package for that occasion?n how can we make a reservation?

  9. yeah, i was thinking 2 cbrate birthday ..
    any special package??? and will there b any extra charges??? need to make reservation in advance>?

  10. hai dear all,

    There is an indian gurl whom dont know to serve properly,pls teach them some respect.
    standing infront the door but not even giving smile.gathering in a group and chit chating among them.
    poor serve.

  11. realli?do u stil remember who s ur server?it mz b the server tht cheats den..hopefulli u ll find out who cheats d tips den

  12. things like tis do happen…especially in most of the clubbing area….even worst k…
    maybe u do giv it…? last time i used to give it bt wen the statement comes i argue bt end up i really giv….SWT!!!

    GOD KNOWS, HE will reply nicely!!! relax, el…

    oh ya…there a fat waiter…i not sure…bt malay fellow of course….he very rude wn…bt other then tht stupid fellow….i like the fun environment….

  13. t.g.i.f bartender very good…they know what should they do to guess…friendly,cheerfull,helpfull and very good attitude..exspecially rakesh and shawal…

  14. TGIF is good.. but there are some hostess that dunno how 2 respect guest… theirs smile is fake n as if they dun like our presence there.. There was 1 indian gurl with long straight hair.. She behaves as though she is uneasy working there.. n she doesnt care abt the guest.. Jz standing at the main entrance n chit chatting n dun even bother abt the guest that is coming in.. That gurl should be given more training.. Plz do that.. other than that,TGIF is a wonderful dining place..

  15. I used to be a server at a restaurant and we had to not only work hard to serve the guests with good service which was required of us but we had to do it in a fast paced environment which is always busy so undoubtedly to some guests it would seem like we were not giving the service they are expecting but trust me when I say that we were and still are trying our best to give our guests whatever they request and the guests shld put themselves in the servers shoes and see if they can perform what the servers are doing and having fun at the same time. Once the guests who complain have done so then they would see that the servers at all fast paced restaurants are trying their best to do their jobs and to make their guests happy.

  16. hi..TGIF is a great place.. i admire the waitresses n waiters there but unfortunately there are some waiters who i feel can ruin the image of the other servers as well as TGIF. I came across a waiter avinesh if im not mistaken.his mobile was ringing when he was serving me and after placing the food on the table he immediately grabbed his mobile and attended the call.i din mind but for some fussy guest that might be a disgrace to them.i suggest TGIF should not allow their waiters to use mobile phones during work hours. i also suggest that TGIF managers should also personally call up the servers who use mobile phones during working hours and give them some advice so that in future TGIF wont be facing such problems. Maybe the servers could put their mobile phones in the vibration mode and answer it in case of emergency. All the best TGIF!!!

  17. man, there was this waiter very very very fat 1.. indian 1.. wearing coboi hat.. so rude lo.. no smile also.. look at people like wanna eat them up oni.. give summor training la.. friday’s can lose good customer if service very very bad.. v paying money so must get good service lo.. smile la not hard ma.. summor all the workers shouting and making noise like market and all workers standing n talking grandfather stories.. irritating la.. v pay money not wan good food oni but good environment and service aso.. noisy cannot hear the soft music.like market oni…teach the waiters all la..wat the managers doing?flying kites ah.. ask them not 2 make noise n stand in 1 group n sembang sembang,. plsssss..

  18. Vkeong – How U know the food is halal?
    there is no HALAL CERTIFIED LOGO’s .
    Dont simply mention halal .

    But as information given by them.
    No Pork n the meat buy from
    POK Brothers where i still looking & Searching the status HALAL
    for this POK Brothers – > Not found yet the Status halal
    But another source from DINDINGS — HALAL

    HALAL – Its not just mean no PORK. or No ALCOHOL
    We also Looking the Source of the MEat.
    The Procedure of Sembelih following Hukum .
    The Cooking Stuff that Used is FREE from Used for Cooking NON-HALAL Food

    If its serving HALAL food by right Should Register with HALAL Malaysia.
    then its fine for Muslim’s to go there .

  19. How can you say HALAL if they still served alcohol drinks or steak with wine in it? This is a pub, not like normal restaurant. Even if they claimed on having a huge HALAL LOGO there, it is still not right.

    As a muslim, we are very skeptical and being sensitive on what we eat.

    Every dishes, tools, even the pan that they use to prepare their food contains non-halal ingredients, it still consider non-halal. So please, don’t confuse your muslim friends by simply declare “Halal” openly while you-yourself still have no idea what HALAL means for muslims.

    vk: What about hiring muslims to work in a pub? Is that OK?

  20. Especially to Ahmad boi….

    hey…i guess u guys need to become vegetarian…keep talking bout HALAL or nt…f tht…some of the muslim guest also dnt care, they still drink (proudly say they are muslim)…remember…u noe there are no HALAL sign then no nid go in la…remember TGI FRIDAYs’ is an American based restaurant…

    then hw bout those smoker…the cigaratte box also dun hav any HALAL logo there…bt hw come still smoke…

    call urself vegetarian next time…so no worries at all…cheerz

  21. TGI friday’s tell me how do you feel…i was a server last time at TGIF…been there almost 2 years…i miss all my friends and manager especially daffy and kevin who teach me a lots of thing in FnB line…for me TGIF like my second home..it means if your off day also you will come and say halo to others..last time when we work at TGIF people will always say..’we got no life’…i missed all the moment dat i spend with all of you guys..for those who had a nightmare service or food at TGIF before really sori coz TGIF ROCKS!!!!! GO FRIDAY’S…

  22. to vegetarian…

    diff people hv diff attitude
    dont judge a people juz because of others
    dont simply said that muslim also smoke n drunk
    so..u juz assume that all muslim also like that
    u as a vegetarian..of coure u will ask “its vegi or not”
    so,why dont u accep when muslim as “its HALAL or NOT”
    dot be a selfish
    HALAL is important 4 someone but can be unimportant 4 others
    same as u…vegi is important 4 u but not 4 others
    so..please respect okey
    d foods looks very tasty
    so..everbody want to eat it
    so,thats why we as a muslim ask either HALAL or not
    it is wrong?

    • IDA…hw sure r u tht veggie boi is vegetarian…?…vegetarian is a choice wheather u wn it or nt…u cn say no if u wn to…theres’ no religionly crime charge on tht person oso…Halal-ian is 4 life…remember…frm the day u born until die, u still call urself a Halal-ian…wat veggie boi said was really true…y all cigarette pack dnt print HALAL sign on it…eva since they take in puff by puff of unknown containment through their mouth….i as a supplier, v noe Malaysian Halal spec is totally different then any other countries….the fussy type country is MAS….if stuff import into MAS through a certified trusted country (even meats frm Arabs) HALAL sign…y malaysia still needs to triple check it? n stamp their own sign….IDA…work n think slow slow k…Malaysia is still a developing country which nw have Thailand and Vietnam ahead….

  23. i dun know what tgif is..but since i meet the beutifull girl i even meet i fall in love with her…but i n her just a friend…she work at tgif queensbay the only one chef girl she said…..if anyone read this comment plz send my greeting to her…. lissa n i forever as friends k.

  24. Hiring Muslims to work in a pub? Well, for sure the one hiring them is not a Muslim or he/she wouldn’t be owning a pub in the first place… As for the Muslims working there, they should know that not only is that any proceeds they receive (any wage, tips) if they ever serve alcohol to the patrons is not halal to them ever, it’s also against the law for Muslims. So, maybe the owner of the pub can also be charged in court for asking the Muslim to commit a crime.

  25. Myself, Im looking into a place where have a good and tasty food and I don mine that place have serving the alchohol or what. The thing is we knew that non-halal dont take a risk to order it. We must understand, Malaysia now is growing ahead and a lots of foreigners stay in Malaysia. Anyway..the hotels in Malaysia they have alchohol why nobody curios obout it. Our government also make a lots of money frm cigarette and alchohol whereby there bring to Malaysia and sell it here..thats no big issue. I went to Pulse at Grand Millenium Hotel in KL 80% of visitors are muslims..sory to said about this but its true..

  26. to whom it concern

    i’m here to say the thruth of tgif in malaysia is strictly not following the real islamic food hygienic in food preparations.
    As myself realy get in the bussiness to do intimate reserch about their preparation of food mostly using alcohol and unmeasured food portion food and it’s vary size of standard portion according to occasions.SO GUYS AND GIRLS please be attetive on your own food ordered. KEEP AN CLOSE EYES ON THE FOOD SERVICE STAFF AND THEIR MOVEMENTS.You would find they might giving you away customer rejected food. MYSELF PERSONALLY SEEN ONE OF STAFF DID THAT. OH GUYS PLEASE AVOID TO GO TGIF ANYMORE.

  27. Tgf in Queensbay service is not up to standard though is known world wide.yesterday we went to the outlet as the 1st customer n leave as the 1st customers ilard 5.20pm. Regretted to say that the waitresses there not sincere in handling things we left on the table.when I call up to ask for my rm300 goods left on table, they straight away deny that they see anythings.it is very obvious that anyone will see a plastic bag on the table when cleabing up.if tgf can produce good tasty food but couldnt provide sincere service and out to ‘steal’ customer thing, this has help to downgrade tgf in malaysia.


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