Thai Chili’s @ Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, KL

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Thai Chili’s is one of the very few Thai restaurants in KL’s Chinatown. Opened only less than 3 months ago, the restaurant aims to provide an authentic Thai food experience to their customers – locals and tourists alike.
To ensure the dishes are prepared true to their roots, the chefs are Thai and some important spices and raw ingredients are also imported from Thailand.


There are plenty of items on the menu and the prices are reasonable considering it’s at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Since every dish in the restaurant is cooked from scratch for freshness, you can tell the kitchen your preferred level of spiciness when ordering.
Our medium spicy Tom Yam Seafood @ RM18.90 (large, for 2-3 pax) had a mix of fresh prawns, squid and fish slices that were perfectly cooked. The flavour was great as well and it had a good balance of heat and sour notes which we thoroughly enjoyed. If you prefer your tom yam to be really spicy, then you should opt for something above the medium level.


I liked that they used thigh meat for the Pandan Chicken @ RM14.90 so it’s tender and juicy. Alas, the chef must have slipped with the garlic because it was overpowering with a strong garlic flavor. Otherwise it’d have been great.


The steamed seabass with lime and chili @ RM44.90 is another quintessential that we always order at a Thai restaurant. Although it’s not as wonderful as the one we had at Rama V, it was still delicious enough to impress and highly recommended. As with the tom yam, the seasoning and spices used to flavour the fish were just right and proved to be a perfect combo with white rice.


We also had a go at their sauteed beef with cashew nut @ RM15.90. The easiest way to describe this dish might be saying that it tastes extremely similar to our Paprik, but slightly spicier and with cashew nuts thrown into the mix for additional texture.


Another dish we absolutely loved was the red peanut curry with prawns @ 12.90. The rich, smooth and creamy curry was bursting with flavors – it was so good that we even sipped it directly from the bowl. But I thought they could be more generous with the prawns, although there were other ingredients in the curry as well such as potatoes and tomatoes.


Two of the most common Thai desserts are available here and they should be no stranger to you. Both the red rubies and sticky rice with mango are equally good and should not disappoint, just don’t expect anything exceptional. However, I think they should replace the ice cubes with shaved ice because no one likes biting into ice cubes.


Thai Chili’s is a pork free establishment and alcoholic drinks are served from the restaurant’s bar. Daily set lunches are offered from 11am to 4pm daily where you can get a main dish with rice and a soft drink at only RM14.90. Quite affordable if you ask me.


Thai Chili’s (opposite Reggae Bar)
131-133, Jalan Tun H.S.Lee,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2022 0994
Business hours: 11am to 12am

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