The Loaf Bakery & Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2

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You don’t need me to tell you that The Loaf, the gourmet bakery and pastry restaurant owned by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is expensive. There are a few outlets that serve full a la carte lunch and dinner menu so you could enjoy the breads and pastries in-restaurant if you wish. I was at the Bangsar Village 2 branch not long ago and found the food to be generally good and prepared with quality ingredients. And since this is a bakery cum cafe themed restaurant, expect a lot of bread to appear in the dishes.


For example, the Creamy Mushroom Soup @ RM18 is served in a big hollow bun. It is noteworthy that Truffle oil is added into the soup for a slightly earthy aroma, which also explains the expensive price tag.


I really liked the Smoked Salmon Croissant (RM16.80) It is light, flaky but not overly flaky to the extent of not being able to hold itself together. The moist and nutty Norwegian smoked salmon slices are the perfect filling while the shaved parmesan cheese topping is ingenious to bring out the former’s flavor.


They serve great Pasta here but the selections are familiar and feel limited. For RM28 (Smoked Salmon Twist) it is only fair to expect the pasta to be nothing less than perfect and al dente. And I am glad to say the kitchen did well with it. One thing that was noticed about the pasta here is that it didn’t really need to rely on the sauce for flavor, which is quite special.


The Loaf is a Japanese-style bakery so you could expect some Japanese dishes here as well like Omurice @ RM24. I think you must really love eggs to enjoy this because that’s the main ingredient besides the Japanese fried rice and onion chips topping. According to the person who had this, she swore not to eat eggs for months to come lol. Comes with either brown sauce or tomato sauce.


Meat lovers would probably frown at the menu here even if there is a huge section dedicated for “steaks”, which are actually meatloafs (grounded meat shaped into loaf shape) This is considered the signature dish here at The Loaf, not surprising because of the word ‘loaf’. The Loaf and meat’loaf’, you get me? Heh.
A lot of secret ingredients are used in the meatloaf, said to be vital in creating the unique taste. I don’t know much about that but I do know the meatloaf has a rich and intense flavor, very well suited to our heavy tastebuds. My only complaint would be the price – RM26 for a considerably small portion.


Mixed Mushroom Tartine @ RM15.80, basically a open faced sandwich. Shown here is a walnut raisin toast topped with assortments of mushrooms, giving it a strong, earthy flavor.


Honestly the drinks here are not cheap, in fact painfully expensive. But if there’s anything I would gladly try again it would be the Cube 60°C, the signature drink here. It is a unique brewed coffee that has espresso cubes frozen to -60°C in imported deep freezer, then enjoyed by just adding milk.
Apparently, the deep freezing process would help to concentrate the richness of the blended coffee beans. Compared with other coffees sold at the same price range like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, I feel this is a more proper tasting coffee.


OK after some good stuff, here comes the bad ones. My friend who ordered the Cabbage Roll @ RM27 mentioned it was a disaster.


Then the Delicacy Fold @ RM8, a French inspired dessert we ordered simply because of its beautiful presentation. It looked delicious but somehow the ingredients just can’t work well together (puff pastry is too fluffy and falls apart too easily, strawberry is sourish, cream is bland and the chocolate sauce is bitter)



Overall I find the food to be good and I couldn’t really complain about the prices because it’s Bangsar anyway, and the bakery is obviously an upclass one catered for high income earners. As long as you know which items to avoid I am pretty sure the meal could be satisfactory, though not particularly stomach filling. If I really have to nitpick then it would be the mediocre services that could use some improvements like being more attentive to the customers’ needs.

The Loaf Bakery & Cafe
Bangsar Village 2
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.833 E101 40.293
Tel: +603-2282 1757
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily

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