The Red Beanbag Café @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas


The consensus out there on The Red Beanbag café has been mixed. Some argue that the food is not worth the hype while others agree that their fast and friendly service is great. Well, to be honest I think RBB is pretty good in both aspects since we actually had a pleasant breakfast (solely based on what we had) there in the last weekend. Of course there is still room for improvement, but those issues are really just miniscule.


Knowing that RBB is situated within Publika you should expect it to have a distinctive character. Like any other quaint coffee house that are mushrooming in KL, RBB has that cozy and hippie vibe which makes you feel like you are abroad somewhere. And I am pretty sure Instagram users would have a field day here with all those bean bags and various decorations around.

The Red Beanbag Awesome-Fryup

RBB’s Awesome Fryup @ RM22 – a platter of toasts, eggs of your choice, beef or chicken sausage and turkey ham or beef bacon completed with sides of sauteed mushrooms, hash brown and baked beans. Everything was fine for me except for the scrambled eggs that were slighly overcooked.

The Red Beanbag Bagna-Cauda

Bagna Cauda @ RM20 – Rosti in a warm Italian sauce with beef bacon, poached eggs and greens. The portion does look kind of small but it is in fact quite filling. No complaints about this either, unless if the eggs not being runny enough is worth nitpicking. To be frank I am not even bothered.

The Red Beanbag Cappuccino

Pretty standard coffee here – Cappuccino @ RM9

The Red Beanbag Mocha

Mocha @ RM10


Anyway, we didn’t come to RBB on purpose. It just so happens that RBB is one of the few restaurants at Publika to be open on early Sunday mornings among the others being Ben’s General Food Store, dr.CAFE and The Bee.
The cafe was still quite empty by the time we arrived and luckily we only had to wait for a few minutes before their meal service commenced at 9.30am. But just after half an hour or so, the crowd started to swell and there were people waiting in line already (not so good if you are seated at the al-fresco area – you could be perceived as hogging the table)

The Red Beanbag
A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: Tue – Fri (10am – 10pm)
Closed on Mondays. Kitchen closed from 4pm – 6pm

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  1. I have to agree that the Scramble Eggs are not the best as it’s slightly overcook, aside from that everything is good. But of course, it’s halal, that might turn some diners away who want bacon!


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