Tong Pak Fu HK Dessert Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam


Firstly, do not confuse this Tong Pak Fu with the HK one that recently launched at KLCC and Sunway Giza. In fact this is a Penang based dessert chain that has branches at Pulau Tikus, Raja Uda and Bukit Mertajam. Although their names share the same pronunciation in Cantonese, one word used is different. The HK one from HK uses 百 (hundred) while this one uses 伯 (uncle) for the ‘Pak’. I think anyone who does not pay enough attention to details might think they are the same.


The menu selection is quite limited and consists of the usual stuff you would find at any dessert shop, so no surprises here.


Some mango dessert which I can’t recall its name. Couldn’t be bothered anyway because it is artificial as hell.


Honeydew Sago, diluted like water. Honeydew balls given were scooped too near the fruit’s skin hence tough and not sweet at all. And the sago is just tasteless with a weird texture.


This is supposingly one of the top 10 sellers – Sunmelon Mini Sago. Same problem like the honeydew sago earlier, damn fail.


Black Glutinous Rice soup, also another diluted and bland failure. After this I was simply boggled that someone who can’t even cook a common Malaysian dessert like this could open up a restaurant and serve it to people. Mind-blowing stuff, man.


To sum it up, this is by far the worst dessert shop I have ever walked into. What a waste of time and money. Totally rubbish in my opinion.

No 1 Jalan Gemilang 1,
Pusat Perniagaan Germilang,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

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  1. Kong Hee Fatt Choy ! V.Keong. Thanks for making my usual boring lunch at office delicious by just looking at your food pictures.

  2. gong xi fa cai!!!!

    you surely don’t pull your punches!!! i like that.
    restaurateurs should have a pretty good idea what the real mccoy
    tastes like. we can all blame it on differences of individual taste buds…but the real test lies in the period of a restaurant’s existence, if nothing is done to improve. let’s see how acceptable it is to the folks in BM and for how long….

  3. Hi, absolutely agree with your review !!!!!
    Dessert and Services both are terrible !
    Guess what , I went there today and ordered a oreo milk tea – it has no different with normal milk tea. Or i should say worse than the normal milk tea because it was like tasteless man ! Then I ordered banana sago. They served me with mango sago with green tea ice-cream on top ! I referred to the waitress and she said oppsss, they key in the wrong thing. Definitely I will say change it for me then. Surprisingly she said ummmm, we are not allowed to change the order. I was like, hey , Not I place the wrong order but You guys key in the wrong order instead. She agreed to change finally. After 20 mins, my friend reminded me about my dessert, I asked again. Damn, they said they forgot to key in . Great disappointment !!!!!

  4. Black Glutinous Rice is very interesting and I love to try this one. Watching this photos make my stomach starve. And lastly I want to greet everybody kung hei fat choy.

  5. yeah … totally agreed … the things there damn fail … and over price !! The Banana Shake i ordered was really awkful … taste like diluted condensed milk + ice ONLY … @.@

  6. This Local Tong Pak fu really failed, my fren a I ,we both from Penang, last year we tried out the outlet at bw raja uda, otw back my fren vomited like half ..the dessert they serve really sucks and tasteless.


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