Uncle Seng Fresh Own Made Noodles @ SS15, Subang Jaya


I read from some blogs saying that Uncle Seng Fresh Own Made Noodles @ SS15 Subang Jaya is pretty good and worth a try. So last weekend on the way to Kepong we made a stop for lunch there. I was shocked by the number of customers crowding the place, from students to families. Usually this would be a good sign of things to come. But unfortunately it turned out to be a disappointing experience.
I bet many are going to disagree with what I am going to say about Uncle Seng’s noodles. But first, lets just agree that we all have different taste buds – and I am in no way saying mine is better. I’ve never been a food critic and I will never be one. Criticizing food has never been the reason I started this blog. Anything about me disliking a particular food is just my sole opinion and please don’t get offended even if you 101% disagree with me.


Types of noodles offered here range from Char Siew Wan Tan, Braised Pork, Chicken Feet Mushroom, Curry Chicken etc – you get the drift. Combination like Curry Chicken and Char Siew is allowed as long as you are willing to pay extra. The price for a bowl ranges somewhere from RM4.60 to RM7.80.
This is my Braised Pork Noodle @ RM6. The braised pork itself was tender and flavorful, nothing to complain about. But when it comes to the noodle, which is supposed to be Uncle Seng’s main selling point, it was just a total let down. Totally bland and not springy at all, there’s hardly even any texture.


Next, Char Siew Wan Tan noodle @ RM4.60. We quite liked the char siew and wan tan but the noodles was totally out. We had to season our noodles with A LOT of ground white pepper and light soya sauce just to make it more flavorful.


It looks appetizing alright.. but looks can be deceiving.

I poured lotsa these stuff…

Sensing our displeasure, the cashier (whom I assume was Uncle Seng himself?) came over and suggested to us that we should mix the chili sauce into the noodles for a better taste. I tried it and still, I didn’t like how the taste turned out.
To describe the taste, imagine chicken rice’s chili sauce – thicker and sweeter, then imagine mixing tablespoons of it into your Wantan Mee. There are even suggestions that you POUR the chili sauce GENEROUSLY on the noodles.. wtf? Am I eating some sort of Chinese spaghetti now? Oh well, enough said.


This was my first time encountering a noodle so lacking in confidence in its own taste that required so much additional seasoning to make it taste better. And the better here actually means less sucky. Definitely not a returning customer here.
Again, the above are only my personal opinion and not meant to hurt any individual or business. I am just an ordinary person who happens to blog. And it so happens that I blog about food. By the way, I think this post is quite funny in a way lol.

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  1. the braised pork noodle looks good actually. Too bad the noodles tasted bland… I just came back from Sarawak and I think if those braised pork could match with the unforgettable kolok mee I had… Oh.. it’s so good! haha..

  2. Hmm, maybe you should try the Wan Tan Mee beside Hon Kee at Petaling Street in the afternoon. Taste good too although the char siew is a bit on the chewy side….

  3. It’s interesting that they seem to be encouraging the sauce so much, because there’s nothing better than noodles that can stand up on their own and taste delicious, with just the tiniest amount of sauce or flavouring. It’s always disappointing when you go out for lunch or dinner and the food just isn’t good.

  4. Absolutely agreed . Food blog should be like this.. telling the truth without fear or favor. Crowded eateries do not equal to good food. This restaurant is only tip-of-iceberg of similar bad eateries in Subang Jaya, I live nearby, I know. At least people like you speak-up my mind. Keep up the good work !

  5. To each his own. I don’t see why you have to always agree with everyone else. ;) As always from the first picture I almost expected it to be great! LOL

  6. I like your blog for your honesty. Having lived in SJ for over 20 years, I can say this place is just all hype. If you see a whole bunch of students, you know your at the wrong place already.

    If you’re a noodle connoisseur, give it a try.
    If you want tasty food, look elsewhere.

  7. yeap. Uncle seng really lousy. The mee is really dry and tasteless. You have to banjir it with uncle seng’s chili cause to make it tasteful . The meat, is no big. same with other ordinary wantan/char siu shop.

  8. true enough, the toppings and sides look so much better than the pale noodles!

    btw, can you pls update my link in your blogroll. thanks. i’ve moved to own domain recently.

    • I have a different opinion, Uncle Seng noodles is the only noodle which I like the most in town and it’s the only noodles which i wouldn’t get diarrhea after eating………

  9. Wokay

    I oledi say this food sux liao. Maybe i shud give them a visit again, wif pics, so it can come under my FAIL FOOD BLOG liao. No gib face to this place wan. if it sux, it deserves to be in the fail food blog!

  10. Being honest about your personal experience, is why people read your blog and please continue to do so. Just recently, my friend went to a highly recommended restaurant and spent over $100 US. The food was less than mediocre and the service was poor. After listening to her experience, I would rather try a new restaurant and have a better experience than have a bad dinner at a great cost.

    Thanks again,


  11. Uncle Seng Fresh Own Made Noodles…

    I read from some blogs saying that Uncle Seng Fresh Own Made Noodles @ SS15 Subang Jaya is pretty good and worth a try. So last weekend on the way to Kepong we made a stop for lunch there. I was shocked by the number of customers c…

  12. I’m not agreed that Uncle Seng Noodle is not good. I almost will be there every weekend as the homemade noodle is good with other varieties like chaw siew, chicken feet, braise pork.

    If the noodle is not good, don’t think their business can still be so good until need to wait for a seat during weekend. Consumers are not stupid and they will not come back if their noodle is not tasty at all isn’t it?

    Try it yourself and you will like it :-)

  13. Uncle Seng always been the choice for the student near by…..I also dun understand why my coursemate like it so much (i used to be the student near by the uncle seng restaurant)…maybe you can give a try to the Pork noodle at the a restaurant same row as uncle….it’s also quite famous!!

  14. Haha…hope I’m not too late for this interesting discussion here…talking about noodle, I personally like Uncle Botak’s wantan mee…anyone heard of him? He used to open his stall in USJ 2 but now moved to a shop in Tiara Square, somewhere near USJ 12. Though his noodles are not self made but somehow he can make them really springy…i wonder how hmm…and the char siew, i will never miss it if i visit his shop, yum yum…;)

  15. uncle seng damn nice wei, even the plain noodle only is great! this restaurant is always fully packed especially during lunch hours, it is not easy to find seat even after 2pm! and only few restaurants in SS15 are crowded eateries like uncle seng..uncle seng has its own texture that cannot be duplicated.

  16. Personally, I think Uncle Seng home made noodle is the best. I always went there for their PLAIN noodle and not forgetting the vege as garnishing, just to taste the noodle.

  17. uncle seng is indeed crowded, so went down the road and tried cassian kitchen. ever since then, frequent the place very often. the place looks expensive but turns out it’s not. nasi lemak, prawn mee, hor fun and their dry sauce spaghetti i like.
    voon keong you should try.

  18. I went to uncle seng once time.. vkeong what i say is we have same taste bud ya.. haha.. after i had a few mouthful then really cant take anymore.. really feel bad.. i rather go to mamak store eat their food will be better alot..

    • well, taste is really subjective.. some of my friends really liked it. I *THINK* I might give it another try, this time with loads of the chili sauce maybe.. hmm

  19. I just went there yesterday, ordered a plate of noodles with chicken feet, mushroom and friend pork + another plate with curry chicken and fried pork + a bowl of wantan soup.

    I really enjoyed the noodles, it have a coating of (i cant tell but i’d guess is some oil from the meats) that make it really tasty. Adding a bit of pepper also was quite good.

    I agree with vk that the chili sauce is not really good, does not match for me when eating such noodles.
    The picked green chilies are good for those wanting to make the noodles have that flavor. I prefer my noodles without the chili sauce since it taste good on its own. And the side dishes was good, curry chicken great, mushroom and chicken feet VERY flavourful and the wantan has very savory.
    All in all IMHO, a good place for the noodles served on its own, the plain soup not really my thing but felt healthy, and good side dishes which i tried mentioned above.

  20. Yes agree. The noodles was so what tasteless for me. I ‘m proud to say, my homemade ‘gone low’ yellow mee is much better. Noticed most of his customers are those colleague students; perhaps they’re not so fussy on foods (??). Well, that was my very first and the very last visit to this shop with the so-so quality foods & environment + it’s not really value for $.

    p.s: this is purely my own personal opinions based on my taste bud

  21. Oh my goodness!
    If there’s anything that Uncle Seng has is, luck.
    The food is so average. They claimed that they’re homemade noodle but what they didn’t tell you that
    it’s “Bad” homemade stuff. Sometimes I really
    wonder if people really know how to appreciate good
    food or they just “ikut” the majority.

  22. totally agree mr.vkeong! I tried it once and didn’t go back again. Reason was it practically tasted like dough and that actually made me nauseous and it took 2 cans of coke to cure it. money and stomach space wasted by the uncle seng.

  23. yea, I don’t understand what is all the hype about. Only been there once.

    Even after putting the chili sauce it still tasted… bland.
    Forgotten what I order but the Char Siew looks delicious though haha

  24. i never eat this although very near..alot ppl say not nice…as u mention..yet alot ppl eat there..why guess they never eated something alot better that than

  25. My GF & I went there today morning and this will be the first and last.
    Order noodles and coffee and waited more than 30mins whilst next table came later and got served while I’m still awaiting, ask the waitress and she gave me ONE KIND face … AT THE END, WE LEAVES AND PUTS COFFEE $$$ ON TABLE, go to other restaurant for breakfast.

    The service is suck!

    although never try the noodles but i bet it taste suck!!! Please don’t go and waste your time…

  26. The first time I had uncle Seng . It was rather tasteless. But then I tried it again the next time and now I can’t stop eating it. I guess it was because I didn’t mix the noodle well enough with the sauce beneath it . The noodle has a very nice texture. I like it very much .

  27. I share your sentiments the first time I went there. But when I went there the second time I really enjoyed it. Went there for the third time earlier today and I’m a fan.

    Strange how some of your readers share the same “first try off, second try on” experience as me!

  28. When the noodles came, I put a few drips of soy sauce and a sprinkle of pepper.

    I don’t pour the chilli sauce in, I think that would kill it. Instead I just pour some into the sauce plate and take some when I feel like taking some. Like eating pan mee.

  29. gosh.. ate it.. and I have a same experience. this so called ‘own made noodles’ for me not so special.. others than wantan.. noodles and soup below my expectation. noodles taste like korean instant noodle. I put around 4 spoon of chili sauce to get acceptable taste. and it taste like home made spaghetti. but again.. everybody have different taste bud..

  30. Hmmm I think the blandness taste of the noodles that people stated here is quite nice to me? Actually I like the taste of the noodle and the fried pork too (never tasted other side dishes before)! I think it’s simple and tasteful to me? Well everyone has their opinion

  31. I am regular to this restaurant. So my opinion is the opposite of your experience ;) The noodle itself is really unique, texture and taste wise. Tips, no need to add anything there including the chilies as it will ruin the basic taste of the noodle. And try to avoid over powering topping like chicken curry… And again I believe people have their own taste bud so YMMV :D


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