Visiting Toy Story Land & Flights of Fantasy Parade @ Hong Kong Disneyland



Upon entering Toy Story Land, you can’t help but feel you have shrunk with the oversized characters and props from Andy’s backyard lying around. Now you are the toy instead?


The RC Racer would be the most eye-catching attraction at Toy Story Land. It features a huge 27 meter-high U-shaped track where passengers would ride on Andy’s speediest toy car back and forth on full speed.


Can you spot me? I am right up there. Compared to Space Mountain, RC Racer is far more exciting because of the height factor. There is a short time span where you would feel like free falling in mid air that gives you an adrenaline rush. Wouldn’t be a complete experience without screaming your lungs out, that’s for sure. And surprisingly the queue was short in the morning, definitely good for us who wanted to repeat the ride.


For those who are squeamish, the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop offers a similar but less thrilling experience for everyone. As the name implies, you will be raised to 25 meters above the ground and then fall in a simulated parachute drop. The height of the parachute drop might not seem too high when viewed from the ground, but you will surely feel differently when you are up there. Plus, you get a bird’s eye view of Toy Story Land.


A closer look at the parachutes. Safety belts are installed at each seat and it is mandatory to wear them for safety reasons.



Slinky Dog Spin would be the tamest attraction here, offering visitors a circular ride up and down with moderate speed while Slinky chases his own tail. Every car will receive a tag in the shape of a dog bone to be collected before the ride starts. I think that is a pretty ingenious idea, cute too.


If you are feeling a little hungry, you do not need to head out of Toy Story Land for food. Jessie’s Snack Roundup is there to provide some quick bites like pizza cones, frozen yogurt and popcorns.


Sarge and his soldiers marching from the Toy Soldier Boot Camp.


A larger than life Rex at the end of the land. He is more than a posing figure because he will try to talk to you if he sees you.


And before you exit Toy Story Land, don’t forget to take a photo with Woody and Jessie at the Barrel of Fun. Too bad for us Jessie was not there during our session (she was there earlier though) so we could only settle with Woody. Good enough if you ask me.

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