Wahiro Japanese Restaurant @ Roxy Square, Katong

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Wahiro is a family run Japanese restaurant located at Roxy Square, Katong that provides authentic Japanese cuisine. The dishes are prepared with fresh air-flown ingredients from Japan at a reasonable price – reasonable in the sense that you get what you paid for.
Although the prices are a notch higher than its counterparts, I didn’t really mind because good service was rendered, the staff is knowledgeable and most importantly the food was great for me. No wonder it is one of the most well-received Japanese restaurant in Singapore. So I consider myself lucky to have discovered and dined at Wahiro before returning to Malaysia.


I chose the special Sushi Set @ $50 from the dinner menu for its variety of dishes served on a course-by-course basis. First was a mini Otsukuri consisting some of the chef’s selection of the freshest sashimi of the day – Hamachi, Maguro and Sake.


Then some mini Japanese appetizers served in small Chinese tea cups – Salmon Roe, tangy and spicy Seaweed, and Baby Squids served with mustard sauce. The latter two were new to me and I liked them. Not too much of a fan of Salmon Roe personally because of its fishy and salty taste.


The Deep-fried Prawn Balls were so-so, as I found the prawn flavor to be lacking. It would be better if they substitute it with tempura prawns.


Besides Miso soup, Oden is also included in the set. Oden is basically a Japanese dish consisting of radish and processed food like fish cakes stewed in dashi broth. Usually enjoyed during winter season, it is a common food in Japan available at food carts and even convenience stores. A simple but haert-warming dish.


The main course of the Sushi Set would be this platter of Nigiri sushi with eight different toppings.


Generous cuts of fish were given, nicely draping over the rice.


Among all was a thick piece of Tamago imprinted with Wahiro’s name – 和宏 that bears the meaning of “Great Harmony”. Nice touch.


Just when I thought the course has been completed, a traditional green tea ice cream arrived as dessert. Unlike the other green tea ice cream I have had previously, Wahiro’s version was pleasantly smooth without the gritty texture of grounded tea leaves. The sweetness and green tea flavor were at the right level too.


Throughout the meal I observed most customers who dined at Wahiro were regular from the way they conversed. It always feels good to step into a welcoming restaurant and better still, talk to the chefs personally for their daily recommendations and specialties. A win-win situation here for both parties.


By the way, the old Wahiro at Katong Mall has closed and the outlet at Roxy Square is the new one (separated by a carpark)

Wahiro Japanese Restaurant
50 East Coast Road #01-01
Roxy Square Shopping Centre,
Singapore 428769

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