Warung “Chinese & Seafood” Kwetiau Medan @ Bali

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This is totally unexpected but I had one of the most delicious mee goreng in Bali. It was unexpected because the eatery is just some random food stall near our hotel that we simply chanced upon. Before coming to Bali I had heard that food here isn’t great and some popular dishes are overrated. However, based on my personal experience I can assure you that there are plenty of good food around. And of course, do steer clear of the touristy restaurants.


Warung “Chinese & Seafood” Kwetiau Medan is the perfect example of typical local eateries which tourists would avoid. So I’m not going to lie and say I instinctively knew that the food here is good since that really was not the case. Besides fried noodles and rice there are also other ala carte dishes that are mostly related to seafood for group and family dining.


Even though Kwetiau Goreng is their forte the quality is no doubt more than decent, I feel the Mee Goreng Udang is much tastier and simply awesome in my book. From the looks you could tell it’s a Chinese method of cooking but the sauces and ingredients used are indubitably Indonesian.


We asked for the ‘paling sedap’ fish on the menu and the ladyboss suggested the Garlic Fried Fish to us. The recommendation was spot on. The fish was topped with lots of fragrant and crispy ‘kriuk kriuk’ golden garlic bits that are quite addictive.


Cumi Goreng (Deep Fried Squid) – not crunchy type but fresh and still enjoyable nonetheless.


‘Telur dadar udang’ with nice ‘wok hei’. Too bad it was slightly oily.


Lastly, a trip to any part of Indonesia wouldn’t be complete without trying their ‘Teh Botol’ or ‘Teh Kotak’. When chilled, this cheap and extremely common drink tastes exactly like ‘teh o ais’ just with a stronger tea flavor. It’s refreshing, or like the locals would say, ‘amat nyaman’.

Warung Kwetiau Medan
Jl. Kubu Anyar No.12
Badung, Bali
Business hours: 3pm till 12am

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