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Western Breakfast Set @ PD Eating Point, Port Dickson


On my last Port Dickson trip, I searched everywhere to get info for the best place to have breakfast in Port Dickson because the hotel package we took did not include breakfast. The conclusion of my research was that everyone who visited Port Dickson before highly recommended PD Eating Point for their popular Western breakfast set.
Not wanting to take risk, we followed their advice and had the same breakfast at PD Eating Point just like they did.


This is the famous Western breakfast set at PD Eating Point, consisting of double sausages, double eggs, double toasts and some baked beans. You can choose between scrambled egg and fried egg, whichever you prefer more.
For the first day we had the fried egg set, and it was a nice breakfast. The portion was quite big as well, which is a good thing to help us stay full longer. By the way, this photo was taken using my 50mm lens, which came out nice and sharp.. Now compare it to the next photo taken with kit lens..


Here it is.. the one taken with kit lens.. notice the HUGE difference? Man, this really makes me wanna throw my kit lens away (which I already did by the way) If you are wondering, this was not our second round or someone else’s breakfast lol. It was just our breakfast for the second day of our trip.
See how good it was? We decided to return the next day to try scrambled egg version because it tasted so nice. Sorry but I couldn’t remember the price anymore but it was very reasonable so don’t worry.


Besides the Western breakfast set prepared by the coffee shop, some other food like roti canai, nasi lemak and noodles are also available. The nasi lemak seem like a big hit with the locals as well from what I noticed..
If you are planning a trip to Port Dickson soon and don’t know where to eat for breakfast.. I am going to join the bandwagon and recommend you PD Eating Point. And do come early because plenty of marine personnels and students have their breakfast here. The restaurant fills up very fast and you could hardly find a table for your own by then.

Direction courtesy of Autopsy of Ann:

P.D. Eating Point – Next to Le Paris Hotel and PD Catholic church.
Somewhat vague directions – Make your way to PD town. You will reach a roundabout. Take the right turnout. Pass over some railway tracks, go straight on (the road bends to the left and to the right) and you should come up to the coffee shop on your left (it is a corner coffee shop). Catholic Church will be on your right opposite the shop.

PD Eating Point

No.8, Taman Sejahtera, Jalan Seremban,
71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

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