BurpGer Ź Burger EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park

BurpGer Ź @ EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park, Subang Jaya

If you haven't been to EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park, then you probably have not heard of their in-house burger bar called BurpGer Ź. Previously it was a cafeteria of sorts, but it had been...
Las-Vacas-Glo Damansara KL 50% off booked with Eatigo

Las Vacas @ Glo Damansara (50% off with Eatigo)

When it comes to steak restaurants in KL, Las Vacas is one of the more successful ones. The fact that they have grown to four branches and are still around after 10 years is...
Hill Street Coffee Shop Kris Krust MyTOWN

Hill Street Coffee Shop & Kris Krust @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Hill Street Coffee ShopHill Street Coffee Shop is a chain of modern kopitiam from Singapore that recently entered the Malaysian market. Their first outlet can be found in MyTOWN Shopping Centre and offers a...
Le Ble d'Or Sunmai Taipei

金色三麥 Le Blé D’or @ Q Square Mall, Taipei

The truth is, there is only so much street food you can eat in Taiwan before you get bored. By the fourth day we were already hankering for something different and we wanted to...
Neuvida Omega-9 Healthy Cooking Oil

NeuVida Omega-9 Cooking Oil, a World Class Healthy Cooking Oil

Malaysians are becoming increasingly health-conscious these days. We automatically ask for 'kurang manis' when ordering our favorite teh tarik and restaurants that promote healthy eating are getting more popular than ever. But for those...
The Establishment Pavilion

The Establishment @ Pavilion

When I look for a place to eat in shopping malls, my preference lies with smaller or independent establishments that do not have branches elsewhere. In Pavilion, The Establishment is one of the newer...

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