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Yu Lin Seafood Restaurant @ Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam


Yu Lin Restaurant is a new Chinese restaurant I visited during the last Chinese New Year with my family. It currently occupies the same building in which another old and established restaurant used to operate in Kampung Baru – Mei Xiang Way.
Although Yu Lin is new, it has already received good recommendations for the good and cheap Chinese dishes. One of them being my close friend and another my family members themselves who have been there before this.


While browsing through Yu Lin’s menu, we noticed a unique dish called Claypot Duck with Yam @ RM15. Generous portions of duck meat and chunks of yam were the main ingredients, as the name suggested.
If you have a perception that duck meat is tough and tastes gamey, this dish would change your mind. I wasn’t too thrilled with the taste because I am not a yam fan, but my parents loved it a lot.


Surprised by the cheap price of RM9 for Fried Shark’s Fin with Egg, we simply had to order this because all of us loved this since young. It tasted great and for the amount of ingredients like mushroom and shark’s fin used, RM9 is a steal!
Oiliness is one of the shortcomings I noticed in this dish prepared by other restaurants. But Yu Lin certainly did a good job in controlling the amount of oil used, which was very evident from the photo itself.


Next was a personal favorite of my sister, Salad Prawns @ RM21. There are generally two versions of salad prawns, either steamed or fried. The former usually consists of steamed de-shelled prawns and served with honeydew, while the latter is deep fried to a crisp with the shells still intact.


The prawns were fresh from the sea and had a succulent, sweet tasting flesh. Simply an enjoyable dish, nothing to be complained about.


Kam Heong style is one of my favorite methods of cooking seafood, especially if cooked with lala clams. Since clams were not available that day, we had Kam Heong Squids @ RM12 instead.
This dish reminded me of a wonderful curry squid I had once in Penang, where the squids were also deep fried first to a really crispy, crunchy texture. After this, the squids would be transferred to another wok to be fried with Kam Heong sauce. The fragrance and spiciness of this dish is bound to whet your appetite, best if taken with white rice.


We also tried Yu Lin’s Signature Seafood Tofu (beancurd), costing only RM12 for a huge portion like this. Crispy on the outside but soft and warm inside, it was even nicer if dipped in Thai chili sauce.


Because all the food was great, we proceeded to order another two dishes – Stir Fried Chicken with Curry Powder @ RM8 and Fish Meat Yin Yong @ RM7. The curry chicken was a slight disappointment for the saltiness, but at least the chicken meat was tender. I guess this dish was not meant to be eaten on its own but with white rice as well to even out the flavor.


This gotta be one of the nicest Yin Yong Kung Fu Chow (Cantonese style) I ever had. It packed enough ‘Wok Hei’ and the egg broth was simply delicious. But the specialty remains that fresh fish slices and prawns were used instead of pork.


Overall, a very happy and satisfied meal. Very recommended for those looking for good and reasonable priced Chinese restaurants in BM.

Restoran Yu Lin
No. 2836 & 2837,
Jalan Kampung Baru,
Taman Tampoi,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.017 E100 28.404
Tel: 04-5386389

Located opposite Dim Sum City along Jalan Kampung Baru, a few shops away from Ah Nam’s Claypot Frog Porridge.

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  1. hellio…

    i love ur bolg…
    pls write more and post more great photos…

    btw, what brand of camera r u using? the pics are so clear!

    vk: Hi wayne.. thanks for your compliments. I am using Canon 400D, couple with a 50mm lens :)

  2. wait, you know those aren’t REAL shark’s fins right? :)
    it’s a common dish for the poor, so-called.

    but the kam heong squids look good, while the curry powder chicken reminded me of the Chinese style curry chicken in most outlets.
    cooked in big wok, and faster than the usual curries in pots.

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Day 4 (Back to Hanoi) – Triple Breakfast for the Hungry Souls?

    vk: Actually I don’t mind if the shark’s fin are fake (since they are tasteless anyway) because ultimately I am savoring the fried egg’s taste :)

  3. I’ve always thought duck meat is too tough and gamey! I would love to try the Claypot Duck with Yam. It’s just my bias because I love yam dishes. ;)

    Keep up the nice blog and pictures. Have been lurking around your blog for a couple of months but this is my first comment. Anyway, do you use flashgun together with the 50mm? Been thinking of buying the lens for my upcoming food blog project. :P

    vk: Hi there.. thanks for lurking around my blog haha. I do use flash if the restaurant is too dim.. but I try not to use flash always because I prefer natural light :) good luck with your food blog project :D

  4. oh man…this restaurant is like so near to my house..must go there when im back to bm….didnt know they serve such tempting dishes..

  5. looks cool….the picutre looks so inviting…uphere in U.S. i am habitual of chinese recipes. i often visit chinese restaurants. i thought once to cook chinese recipe at my residence…the taste was delicious.. here i explored a great site where we can find all the food items at one place http://www.myethnicworld.com

  6. those food photos are awesome gorgeous just like my girlfriends (lol!) definite a place to dine and the food is very affoerable. I still remember when I was in Bukit Mertajam over twenty years ago where you can have delicious a yam rice stall and people squat on the stool while eating, a total lost art of way of eating.

    Big Boys Oven’s last blog post..

  7. Hi, thanks for recommending n praising our restaurant’s food.
    Do drop by again n try out our other specialties . N also do gv more comments n suggestion for us so that we could improve more and 2 satisfy our customers.
    Thanks once again.. :>

    vk: Hi effie, you are from Yu Lin restaurant? haha. One suggestion I’d give is to cover your restaurant’s front windows with curtains. Because when I last went it was during the evening and the evening sun was too glaring and caused discomfort. Thanks :)

  8. HI yap i’m working there.My BIL is 1 of d boss hehe..
    2day we heard frm one of my customer telling that they saw our rest. over d net n im wondering did we post b4?? hehe i just hit d computer just now n i walllla found ur blog. wakaka.. i did go through ur blog b4 frm my cousin bro’s blog.
    Dun worry abt d evening sun anymore cause we alrdy put up bamboo blinds.So no more worries of d glaring sun anymore..

    vk: It’s great that you noticed the evening sun problem and took care of it :) Good luck with your restaurant and keep the food’s quality well maintained at all times yeah.

  9. OH:

    What a great!Looks that salad is very amazing and delicious.I think of this Yu Lin Restaurant foods were excellent.Thank you for the recommendations.

  10. I just went there last sunday (29 August). Probably they have changed the chef, steamed snowfish, zhao pai tou fu, kam heong sotong…none of the dishes impressed us. rating 2/10.


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