Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures – The Adventures of Sinbad

Melaka 1001 Adventures of Sinbad
Melaka 1001 Adventures of Sinbad

There’s always something new in Melaka to explore! Enter Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures – the Adventures of Sinbad. It’s an interactive, fun, thrilling yet family-oriented attraction that recently opened its doors.

Melaka 1001 Adventures of Sinbad

If you are looking for somewhere to hang out in between bouts of shopping and food hopping or simply to escape the heat, this would be one of the places to visit.

Melaka 1001 Ticket Counter

Upon reaching the outlet, you will be greeted by a giant poster that advertises their 7D motion ride. I guess there’s no need to explain what 3D is, and you may have probably heard of 4D and 5D. So what is 7D?

7D Motion Ride Melaka

Well, besides the environment effects, roller coaster experience, dynamic water and fog, players will also get to battle monsters in the latest laser technology. So essentially, the gun is the what makes the experience 7D. More about that later, because first, you need to join Sinbad the Sailor of the Seven Seas to save the world in his latest fantasy adventure.

Melaka 1001 Monsters

Apparently, there’s an army of undead raised by an evil shaman terrorizing the realm. Therefore, you will assist Sinbad by helping him to solve puzzles, challenges and ultimately defeat the evil shaman. It might corny but lets not forget that the target audience is family of all ages :)
That being said, if you are bringing children along, do note that there’s a mini haunted house or sorts occupied with life sized monsters. There won’t be anyone dressing up as a monster to startle you, but the models are pretty realistic. So take up the role of hero, protect your kids and brave through the dark halls together.

Melaka 1001 Cactus Room

The attraction is set in a shop lot of 3 floors divided into 7 zones, each with their own unique themes. To begin the adventure, you will need to enter the Cactus Canyon and meet up with Sinbad.
He will guide you through an interactive touch screen display and like a well-versed sailor of the great seas, he is also able to speak in three different languages.

Melaka 1001 Treasure Room

Melaka 1001 Gold Coin Treasure

Melaka 1001 Gold Coins on Floor

Melaka 1001 Sinbad Gold Coins

After making your way through the valley you will reach the Treasure Cove. It’s filled with everything shiny – but it’s clearly a plot by the evil shaman to sway you from your quest! We couldn’t resist touching the piles of coins – even though they are said to be ‘cursed’ lol.

Melaka 1001 Skeleton

Now that you have successfully resisted the temptation of taking the treasure, you will need to break free from the grasp of the skeletons in the Skeleton Scape dungeon. As you can see, many of them that weren’t too lucky.

Melaka 1001 Challenge

Hmm, what’s this? Seems like you need to solve the challenge before you could proceed to the next zone. Is it too easy or too hard? Regardless, there’s an emergency release button which you could use in case you’re stumped.

Melaka 1001 Jelly Fish Section

Jellyfish that glow means trouble. These giant jellyfish have poisonous tentacles so exercise extreme caution and try to escape the Jellyfish Juncture unharmed.

Melaka 1001 Spider Room

It wouldn’t be an adventure without encountering any pesky spiders. Gather your wits and get ready to face thousands of them in the Spidey Suite where they are guarding their precious eggs from intruders. Just watch your step and hopefully they will leave you alone.

Melaka 1001 Hanging Head

Melaka 1001 Monster Models

Melaka 1001 Undead on Ceiling

Before the final battle with the evil shaman, you will face his monsters in the Monster Manor. Do what you must to free yourself but don’t forget to protect your companions too. If you ask me, the ‘monsters’ are not scary at all for adults but the experience wouldn’t be the same for the little ones considering they are much more imaginative than us.

Sinbad Touch Screen Interactive Video

7D Motion Ride Gun

In the Final Combat, Sinbad is overpowered by the evil shaman and his undead troops. So tighten your seat belt, pick up the gun and engage the evil shaman in a battle set in another fantasy world. I can’t really explain it because it’s something you need to experience personally.

7D Interactive Motion Ride

I thought the ride would be short but it turned out to be quite the opposite with plenty of excitements and things to shoot. As long as you let yourself immerse in it, I promise you will have fun and enjoy it. I know we did.
For those interested to drop by, you’d be pleased to know that Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures is offering 50% discount on tickets bought 30 days in advance and 20% discount for purchases within 30 days.
So if you are planning to visit to Melaka this coming holiday, make sure you grab this offer! Just call the number below or visit their website for more information.

Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures Samsung Galaxy Edge

To make things even sweeter, the shooter who scored the highest for the month of July will get to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge worth RM2,600!

Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures

No. G-30, 1-30, 2-30, 3-30, Jalan PM9,
Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka
Tel: 016-232 2070
Ticket price: Adult (RM25), Child (RM20)
Opening hours: Mon – Thur (10am – 7pm), last admission 6.30pm
Fri – Sun & Public Holidays (10am – 9.30pm), last admission 9pm
Buy tickets online:

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