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    Recently there is a sprout of group buying websites that allow the members to purchase goods, services and meals at very attractive discounted price. This is certainly a phenomenon that I welcome a lot because there are some deals that are just too good to be true, so good you can’t say no to. But what attracts me the most are none other than deals that are related to restaurant, food and travel packages.

    Among the many, WeBUY is one of them that I am going to share simply because they are currently giving out RM200,000 + RM3,000 worth of WeBUY e-wallet money. If you join now, you could participate in this for free. Why? Because the discount rate is at 100%! I don’t know about you but I don’t see any reasons not to join and participate lol. You simply got nothing to lose and everything to gain. To join, all you need is a valid email address or a Facebook account. Every tier that the BUY hits, the more rewards will be given to all the BUYers. So the more friends you get to sign up, the more prize rewards we will get.

    One of the past deals I have missed that I find unbelievably good is the 5-in-1 Grooming Package Worth RM664 and a RM100 voucher from Zenth Beauty & Slimming Spa priced at only RM58. That means a savings of RM606 or 91% of the original value! For a guy it might not seem attractive but don’t forget you could always purchase it as a surprise gift for someone special. Besides that, WeBUY also gave away free Gucci and IPad to the lucky members. How cool is that?

    As of now, there is another interesting BUY going on, which is RM15 for 1 out of 8 choices of chicken dishes + 1 cincau drink worth RM30.60 at ah Tuan ee’s Place. Unlike any other deals that only entitle the buyer to 1 redemption per receipt, you could actually redeem this multiple times! Not bad at all.

    Another food related deal I would like to highlight is the Cubes Chinese Cuisine/Wine Bar at Jaya One. This is a restaurant that I have personally been to not long ago and we adore the dishes there, innovative yet authentic tasting. In fact we are planning for a second visit soon and this is going to come in handy!
    The RM40 spent for the voucher gives you a spending power of RM80, which is more than enough to buy a nice lunch or dinner for a small group of family and friends. Honestly, RM40 for a meal in a nice restaurant, moreover at PJ – is just a steal.
    Since I am one of the privileged bloggers who have joined this promising website, I received insider news that more attractive giveaways are coming up. You surely wouldn’t want to miss this. Quickly sign up and LIKE their Facebook page, I already did!

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