A Magical Weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland – Attractions, Rides, Shows and Food

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After the scrumptious meal we were given our tickets to enter Disneyland. They sport the Toy Story’s design which I feel is to emphasize on their latest attraction – Toy Story Land.


Me holding the tickets, for two days!


The first thing we wanted to do as soon as we arrived at the theme park was to catch the Flights of Fantasy Parade, a relatively new parade that premiered last year which replaced the former Disney on Parade.


Too bad it started to drizzle quite heavily by the time we got there so the parade was cancelled in view of the performers’ safety. But Disneyland wouldn’t want to disappoint the visitors and called on the Rainy Day Express instead to entertain the crowd.


Although the Rainy Day Express is a far less elaborate version of the Flights of Fantasy Parade, it does feature most of the Disney characters.


We have always found the Toy Story characters to be more entertaining and lively compared to the rest. But maybe that’s because we just love the film and adore Woody, Buzz and the gang more than the rest lol.


Since the drizzle came and went frequently, we decided to stick to the indoor attractions. Our next destination was to catch the Festival of Lion King, a live stage musical interpreting Disney’s famous animated film The Lion King. And thanks to our personal tour guides who provided us with priority entrance, we managed to avoid the queue and entered the show faster than the rest. So you could think of it as some sort of VIP treatment.


The musical is featured in the Theater in the Wild in Adventureland. It has four different sections with free seating, each with an animal name of its own: Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe and Lion.



The floor show is highly energetic complete with visual effects, dance, songs and colourful puppetry. If you have seen The Lion King before you will definitely enjoy and relate to the entire performance. There are a few songs featured throughout the performance, which we all are too familiar with already like Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata, Can You Feel the Love Tonight – just to name a few.
In order to cater to the non-English speaking spectators, there are two actors dressed as monkeys who will translate the lines said by Rafiki (just to refresh your memory, he’s the mandrill Shaman with a baboon tail who delivered Simba) into Cantonese.


But to preserve the authenticity, the songs are still performed in English. Shown here is Simba’s elaborate, life-sized lion puppet (it moves) along with his human singer, singing live to the audience. All the singers have excellent voice!


Scar makes his appearance and fights with Simba later, helped by his consorts of Hyena.


The show’s duration varies but it is usually between 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on your luck, the puppets would sometimes move to the center along with the performers to mark a fabulous ending to the show. If this happens you could take some cool photos using them as your background. But then sometimes they won’t because the performance’s flow changes from time to time.

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