A Magical Weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland – Attractions, Rides, Shows and Food

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Then we went to the Mickey’s PhilharMagic, a unique 4-D film attraction located at Fantasyland. We were given 3-D glasses and again utilized the priority entrance to get into the theater. The reason it is 4-D is because the 12-minute long show not only features 3D effects, you can also feel the water and wind effect as well as smelling the scent of the champagnes when the bottles are popped.


Just to give you a brief idea, the show is about Donald Duck’s ‘misadventure’ while trying to retrieve Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat. In the process he passes through a couple of scenes from different Disney movies. Quite fun to watch and I really liked the Beauty and the Beast part. Although this was my second time watching the show, it is still highly entertaining and I highly recommend you not to miss it.


The next attraction we visited was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Fantasyland.


It is basically a indoor amusement ride more suited for kids, where riders will be seated in a vehicle that resembles a Hunny cup.


The ride passes a number of story book pages following a storyline with characters like Tigger, Piglet and of course Winnie the Pooh making an appearance as sculpted figures that can move. In the final scene, Winnie the Pooh is seen enjoying a smackerel of honey while the rest of the gang are celebrating at a party.


And as soon as the vehicle comes to a stop, you will be at the Pooh’s souvenir shop.


Another attraction kids (me as well) will definitely enjoy is the Stitch Encounter. I didn’t take any photos of the show since he appears as an animated character on a projected screen. He was really interactive, speaks to the audience directly and you will be sure there will be a lot of laughter because of his funny and naughty personality.


So far there are only two rides in Hong Kong Disneyland that I feel is exciting enough to give you an adrenaline rush, they are Toy Story Land’s RC Racer and Tomorrowland’s Space Mountain. Space Mountain is an indoor steel-railed roller coaster ride with an outer space theme. So the ride is completely dark for most of the time since you are actually going through a black hole. One word of caution though, it is not recommended for people who have health issues or easily aggravated by motion sickness.


The last attraction we went for the day was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, which is also located at Tomorrowland. Here, you get to battle the evil Emperor Zurg and his minions while being in your very own Star Cruiser.
The cool ship can spin in all directions with a joystick and has two laser pistols you could use to zap the enemies. You get points for zapping the enemies and at the end of the ride, you will earn ranks accordingly in order to become part of the elite group of Space Rangers. Sounds like fun right?


One of the many robots you will get to shoot with your pistol. If you are wondering, the shiny square boxes on the robot’s hand and torso are your targets.


Entering the black hole before the boss encounter.


After defeating the minions, it is time to face Emperor Zurg. But you are not alone because Buzz will be fighting alongside you too! I did pretty well in this ride considering I got 400,000 points and achieved level 5 Ranger 1st Class, heh.

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