How to Choose Coffee Beans that will Make You Smile

The tantalizing aroma of a good cup of coffee is enough to lift your mood and put a smile on your face. But how do you find the perfect cup of coffee? The right choice begins with choosing the right kind of coffee beans. But if that is the case, what kind of coffee bean should you use? The problem is not that there are not enough coffee bean choices for you to choose from. The biggest issue is that there are far too many choices, and going through them all to find the perfect taste can be quite an undertaking.

We know this, and so, we are not going to give you a long list of choices and leave you no better than when you landed here – having no idea as to what coffee tasting notes will work best for you.

Sure, some people like coffee from major industry brands, while others have always favored artisan brands above all else. Everybody has a preference, and we are going to take that into consideration here.

Good coffee should completely blow your mind, and the list of coffee beans here are carefully chosen to help you attain this experience. At some point in your life, you probably had a cup of coffee you will never forget. These choices might help you make this a daily experience.

There are many coffee varieties, and we have put together a list of options that will work best for your taste preferences. Find out which coffee beans go best with your preferences.

Coffee Roasting

1. For Italian Coffee Lovers

We get it, some of you will have nothing but Italian coffee. This coffee is typically strong, and that is how some people like it. Fans of dark roast Italian coffee brands will find these 3 coffee beans to be quite impressive.

Lavazza – Purely Italian in every way, this coffee will make you a proud fan of Italian coffee.
Passalacqua Coffee – Very strong coffee, with amazing cream to boot.
Lucaffé Coffee – This espresso is quite a hit, and quite popular among Italian coffee lovers.

2. For Lovers of Big Coffee Bean Brands

If you get your coffee from the supermarket, you probably have a brand you like best. In that case, then getting a coffee brand you can use for your coffee beans might be a great option if you are looking to switch things up and enjoy this drink in a more exciting way. Those who like big coffee brands will find the following three brands to be to their liking.

Cosmai Coffee – Many people have found this brand to be all they need as coffee lovers.
Pellini Coffee – This Italian brand has coffee beans that will pamper you with its aromatic flavor.
Café Royal – This brand has won a lot of respect for its high quality coffee.

3. For Fans of Slow Coffee

For some people, making a good cup of coffee should take time. So, if this is your style, these are some of the best options you can get at the moment.

Cafés Lugat Maasai Mara – These coffee beans have an explosive taste that will leave you looking forward to your next cup.
Goppion Coffee – This coffee is brilliant, and it comes from Italy.
Cafés Lugat Mbirizi – With its orange and peach notes, this Honduran-made coffee is designed to impress.

4. For Fans of Craft Coffee Beans

If freshly roasted artisan coffee is what really gets you going, and you cannot imagine enjoying any other kind of coffee as much, then here are your best options.

Cafés Lugat – These roasted coffee beans are quite delicious, and they have proved to be a favorite among many artisan coffee fans.
Brûlerie Caron – The fact that it won the Best Roastery award in France in 2011 says plenty of how good these roasted coffee beans are.
Brûlerie d’Alré – Roasted in Brittany, these coffee beans are expertly and deliciously blended to give artisan coffee fans something to be proud of.

5. For Fans of Flavored Coffee

Some people like a something a little extra in their coffee. Without a certain favorite flavor, these coffee drinkers don’t feel like this beloved beverage is quite there. If you are among them, these three options will likely give you your next favorite flavored coffee cup.

The Perfect Blend by Les Petits Torréfacteurs – The name means the small roasters, but the chocolate flavor is quite huge and intriguing in this Colombian coffee bean variety.
Caramel and Nuts – Also from Les Petits Torréfacteurs, these coffee beans are flavored with caramel and nuts. The beans are from Nicaragua, and the coffee is incredibly rich in flavor.
Creme Brulee from Les Petits Torréfacteurs – These Guatemalan coffee beans feature the crème brulée flavor.

6. For Fans of Organic, or Fair Trade Coffee

A lot of people today love fair trade or organic coffee, and the choice of good options in this niche keeps growing. So, you have pretty good options if your leanings are towards coffee beans of this nature. At the moment, you might find one of these options to be your favorite choice.

Number – This organic coffee is very delicious, certainly worth a try if you are a serious organic coffee bean fan looking for your next best brand of coffee beans.
Goppion Caffe – An organic and fair trade coffee that has wowed many fans of this coffee type.
Destination – Organic coffee for lovers of strong coffee.

Hopefully, these selections should guide you towards having a more rewarding cup of coffee, regardless of what your coffee bean preferences are. Coffee lovers all around the world have sworn by some of these coffee bean varieties, and it’s more than likely you will feel quite strongly about them once you give them a shot.

So, good luck as you find your next most favorite coffee bean variety. If you are an avid coffee fan, then you should try to find the best coffee beans for you at some point in your life, and the list of coffee bean preferences and brands above should make this very easy for you.