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Mango Sticky Rice @ Mae Varee Fruit Shop, Bangkok


Mango Sticky Rice Bangkok Mae Varee

So, I have been to Thailand a couple of times right? In those visits, I have eaten my fair share of mango sticky rice too.
While they were all great – no doubt about that, none of them comes close to Mae Varee‘s. Some have great mango while some are good for the sticky rice, but rarely you get one where both of them are equally amazing.

Mae Varee Fruit Shop Signboard

Mae Varee Fruit Shop Giant Mangoes

So if you happen to be in Bangkok, try to make it a point to drop by Mae Varee Fruit Shop, which I think serves, hands down, the best mango sticky rice we ever had.
Getting here is a breeze, just alight from Thong Lo BTS Station, take the exit 3 and walk for about 3 minutes to reach the shop.

Mae Varee Mangoes

Besides mango sticky rice, Mae Varee also sells whole mangoes, a couple of other fruits, snacks and dried fruit products. Even though the mangoes do not look perfect like those you get at Or Tor Kor market, at least they look like they ripened naturally. And that’s always a plus in my book whenever I am buying fruits.

Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice Shop Bangkok

The price for a packet of mango sticky rice is displayed clearly and it’s THB130 (used to be THB100) now. Basically, you just need to tell the guy behind the window how many packets you are buying. Then, they will be handed to you still fresh and warm.
Only takeaway is available so you can either enjoy it on the spot or bring it elsewhere. Whatever you choose to do, just be quick because the taste difference is really noticeable once it cools down.

Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice Bangkok

The mango we had was perfectly mature, firm and juicy throughout, yet not mushy. Incredibly sweet too in a natural way. As for the sticky rice, it had a wonderful chewy bite and the coconut milk was rich in flavor and aromatic. All in all, it was simply gratifying and essentially spoiled me for any other mango sticky rice.

Mae Varee Fruit Shop Thong Lor Bangkok

Mae Varee Fruit Shop

1, Soi Thong Lor Road, Sukhumvit Soi 55, 10110, Bangkok
Business hours: 6am – 11pm
Tel: +66 02392 4804

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