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Prik Yuak (Green Chilli) Restaurant @ Chatuchak Weekend Market


I briefly mentioned Prik Yuak (Green Chilli) when I posted about the nice lunch we had at Raan Yaam Jae-Euang.
We finally got to try them (they were closed when we came the last time) during our trip to Bangkok again recently. And as expected, it was a gratifying meal that will remain in our memories for a long time.

Prik Yuak Green Chilli Thai Food Lunch Chatuchak

Actually we did not expect Prik Yuak to be a “khao gaeng” (curry with rice, similar to our ‘zhap fan’) restaurant. In fact, we almost wanted to eat at somewhere else.
But I am glad that we stuck to our guns, because it was a completely new experience for us. Although “khao gaeng” stalls and restaurants can be found at every nook and corner of Bangkok, this was our first time trying it out.

Prik Yuak Green Chilli Chatuchak Weekend Market Food Counter

Luckily the owner, Ann speaks fluent English so ordering is not a problem here. Basically you just scan the food counter for any dishes you fancy, place your order and they will be served at your table in separate clay plates, instead of over the rice like we anticipated.

Prik Yuak Green Chilli Chatuchak Food Price

If you are dining on a budget, the prices of individual dishes (quoted at per portion basis) are clearly displayed. So refer it to plan your meal as not to overspend or get a bill shock later.

Prik Yuak Green Chilli Brown Rice

Besides steamed white rice, brown rice @ THB30 is also available and I highly recommend that you go for it. The photo speaks volume about the quality of the brown rice, and how fluffy and perfectly cooked they are.

Prik Yuak Chatuchak Thai Food

These were the dishes we had (clockwise from top): Hor Mok (steamed fish custard) topped with crab meat, Panaeng Pork curry, spicy stir fried crab meat, fried pork with garlic and chili sea bass. In total this meal cost us THB580 inclusive of the rice and soft drinks.

Prik Yuak Chili Crab

Personally, I feel the stir fried crab meat is an absolute must try here. Despite being the simplest looking dish around, it’s mind blowingly good. I can’t tell you how satisfying it was eat whole chunks of crab meat without having to do any peeling.
The level of spiciness is high too, but in a good way – it keeps you going for more. If you have a low tolerance for spicy food, a non-spicy version of the crab meat is also available.

Prik Yuak Panang Curry with Pork

We also highly recommend the Paneng pork curry. The meat is unbelievably tender while the rich, sweet and midly spicy curry is simply wonderful with rice.

Prik Yuak Chilli Sea Bass Chatuchak

Prik Yuak Hor Mok with Crab Meat

It’s a tie between the chili sea bass and Hor Mok, mainly because both of them are also fish-based. But if I could only choose one, I’d pick the chili sea bass. However, for non-spicy eaters the Hor Mok might be a better choice.

Prik Yuak Green Chilli Fried Pork with Garlic

The fried pork with garlic was the least impressive dish we had, but that’s not to say it was bad. It was simply outshone by the other dishes that were clearly more exciting in flavor.

Prik Yuak Green Chilli Chatuchak Prawn Dish

While eating, we noticed that the kitchen was still busy churning out other dishes. For example, this stir fried vege with prawns was only available for order after we finished eating. So you might be getting a different spread when you get here.

Green Chilli Prik Yuak Restaurant Chatuchak

Pirk Yuak Thai Restaurant Chatuchak Soi 38

Like all the eateries operating in Chatuchak, Prik Yuak is also open exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays only. The easiest way to find the restaurant is to look for Soi 38/3 as shown above.
If you are at the right place, you will see an entrance to the BTS underground. Both Prik Yuak and Raan Yaam Jae-Euang are located directly behind the entrance.

Green Chilli Prik Yuak Chatuchak Weekend Market

Green Chilli (Prik Yuak)

Section 2, Soi 38/3, Chatuchak Weekend Market
Business hours: 10am – 3.30pm
Tel: (01) 648-2282

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