Raan Yaam Jae-Euang @ Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Raan Yaam Jae Euang Chatuchak

One of the most memorable meals we had in Bangkok was at Raan Yaam Jae-Euang. It’s a Thai food stall tucked in a small corner of the maze-like alleys of Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Raan Yaam Thai Food Stall Bangkok

It’s pretty much a one-man show here since the owner does all the cooking himself.

Seafood Coconut Soup

There are hundreds of dishes to order from the menu so it would take years of visits to try them all. But there are a couple of signature dishes to start with. First, his unique Seafood Tom Yum @ THB150 that’s prepared with strips of coconut flesh as well.

Seafood with Coconut Soup

We asked for the normal level of heat and found the spiciness to be tolerable. The flavor is wonderfully balanced and was simply a pleasure to eat.

Raan Yaam Thai Fish Cakes

The fish cakes @ THB50 are a must. They come in bite-sized pieces, almost like nuggets. What makes it delicious is their homemade dipping sauce that adds a sweet and spicy kick to every bite.

Stir Fried Clams

If you love clams as much as we do, the Fried Clams with Sauce @ THB120 is not to be missed as well. The sauce is freaking brilliant and doesn’t have that overwhelming Thai basil taste – it’s just spot on.

Stir Fried Prawns with Coconut Slices

We also had the Fried Prawn with Coconut @ THB180. Although it didn’t impress us as much as we hoped, nonetheless it’s still a tasty dish with plenty of toppings.

Raan Yaam Thai Food Chatuchak Bangkok

Raan Yaam Thai Food Stall Chatuchak

One important thing you should know about Raan Yaam Jae-Euang is that they are only open on Saturdays and Sundays only in conjuction with the Chatuchak Weekend Market. So don’t try your luck here at any other day.
The easiest way to locate the stall is to look for Soi 38/1 in Section 2 of the market. Another equally popular food stall called Prik Yuak is just next door, that could be your back up in case Raan Yaam Jae-Euang happens to be closed.

Raan Yaam Jae-Euang

Section 2, Room 65, Soi 38/1, 08-3343-2502
Business hours: 11am – 2am (Sat and Sun only)

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